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Concierge medicine is a growing trend in the healthcare industry. It offers patients access to personalized care with a physician who has more time to devote to each individual. This type of care usually costs more than traditional health care, and the patient usually has to pay out of pocket.


Because concierge medicine is not regulated by the government, there are no set rules about how it should be practiced. This can lead to some confusion about what is and is not legal. In this article, we will explore the legality of concierge medicine and answer some common questions about it.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine, also known as direct care, is a type of health care that usually costs more than traditional health care. In concierge medicine, the patient pays a flat fee and their doctor provides them with unlimited access and sometimes more personalized service. The cost can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month depending on the services offered by the doctor.


Concierge practices have a wide range of options for providing concierge care. Some practices may choose a small number of patients who pay a low monthly fee while others may choose a larger number of patients who pay a higher fee each month. Some concierges may offer extra services to their clients, while others may restrict their concierge care to helping with appointments and making sure the doctor is available when needed.

Is Concierge Medicine Legal?

Yes. There are no laws at this time banning concierge doctors or practices. They are simply not regulated by federal or state governments so there are no set rules about how they should be run. This doesn’t mean that concierges can do whatever they want.

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Are Concierge Physicians Licensed?

Yes. Every concierge doctor is required to be licensed in the state where they practice medicine. A concierge doctor has the same legal responsibilities as all other doctors and can be held liable for issues like malpractice or negligence.

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Do Concierge practices accept Insurance?

Not always. Most concierge doctors will not take your insurance. They are more interested in offering personalized care than providing treatment to large groups of people on a tight schedule. If you have concierge services through your employer, you should check with them first before seeing your doctor because some companies do not allow their employees to use concierge services even if it is offered as a benefit.

Can concierge practices accept payment directly from patients?

Yes, concierge doctors can accept direct payment if they want. Some concierge practices make this part of their business model but others do not choose to accept direct payment; it takes away some of their freedom, and they like to keep things legal and above board.

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Are concierge doctors regulated by state or federal law?

At this time, concierge medicine is not regulated at the federal or state level. Tax laws require concierge doctors to report their income from both insurance and direct payments, but there are no set rules about how concierge services should be provided beyond that. It is up to each doctor/practice to decide how they want concierge services to run without being too far over the line into illegal territory.


Concierge medicine can be an excellent option for those who want personalized attention from their doctor without having to wait in line all day just for a quick office visit. If you have questions about concierge service or if your employer offers concierge services as part of your benefits, contact them before seeing your doctor, make sure you understand what your concierge services include and how they should be used.

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