The VIOS Experience: Testimonials

Here at ViOS, Inc, we take access to quality telemedicine services very seriously. That is why our patient’s journey in navigating their unique health requirements need to be as seamless and value-driven as possible, across borders.


The VIOS Clinic has a curated network of Providers with decades of clinical experience in managing complex chronic diseases. They are certified experts in their specialized fields, with great dedication to serving the patient population.


We know how worrying it can be when a loved one is recently diagnosed with a life-changing illness, and sometimes you need a proper medical second opinion to guide you.


Our Global Provider Network is here whenever you need a hassle-free quick telemedicine appointment, in a secure and engaging patient session, wherever you are.

What Do Other Doctors Think About the VIOS Clinic?

“Thank you for creating this platform that’s a win-win for patients as well as medical professionals.


So many patients are over diagnosed and even when the diagnosis is correct, there isn’t the post diagnostic support present in place that patients could benefit from in order to come to terms with a diagnosis and understand the rationale for the treatments and management plans.


The fact that this platform offers counselling too is so empowering for patients – it’s so important to talk through it and with the right support walk away feeling empowered with their health and not bound to a diagnosis per se.


Looking forward to joining, thank you so much for inviting me.”

Dr. Kavita Gundur

UK-Licensed Paediatrician & Neonatologist