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Fast reimbursements only for the quality clinical experiences that you are trained for


  • Choose your own timings
  • Prepaid scheduling
  • Secure Zoom meetings
  • Comprehensive umbrella malpractice coverage
professional functional medicine practitioner using telemedicine to help patients with their chronic diseases

Set Your Own Schedule

Convenient & Automated Booking

Earn More

Fast Digital Payouts

Work from Home

Comfy, Secure, Safe

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Choose your preferred timeslots

Chosen applicants will be invited by email to the VIOS scheduling platform. Easy to use personal calendar with automatic timezone settings so that patients from anywhere in the world can view your availability.

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Receive email confirmation 

Payment + Appointment

You will be notified when a VIOS Patient completes the booking & payment, on the day of the session and a few minutes before.

Any changes to the appointment, either by you or the patient will be automatically reset and rescheduled.

We remove the hassle of ‘no-shows

You will be notified of your upcoming appointment

Just click on the Zoom link

Easy click option to directly enter your scheduled VIOS appointment.

HIPPA-compliant secured interactions.

Video sessions & chats are private, encrypted and a recording will be sent to the VIOS Provider and Patient.


Start your session

Enjoy a relaxed environment where you and your VIOS Patient can have an honest conversation, without endlessly typing away coding instructions and extensive patient data.

You can be free from endlessly typing up insurance codes and billing details. You do not have to worry about patient data management or privacy issues. Your history taking moment is just between the two of you, as it should be.

Need to change your availability?


No problem, log into your scheduling link & you can alter your time slots

You are in full control of your VIOS Telemedicine Practice. You can change your availability in real time at your convenience.

How do you get paid?


Receive direct retainer fee reimbursement for every membership subscription

Direct disbursement to your bank account via Stripe


Are you ready to start your own Virtual Private Practice?

What Do Other Doctors Think About the VIOS Clinic?

“Thank you for creating this platform that’s a win-win for patients as well as medical professionals.

So many patients are over diagnosed and even when the diagnosis is correct, there isn’t the post diagnostic support present in place that patients could benefit from in order to come to terms with a diagnosis and understand the rationale for the treatments and management plans.


The fact that this platform offers counselling too is so empowering for patients – it’s so important to talk through it and with the right support walk away feeling empowered with their health and not bound to a diagnosis per se.


Looking forward to joining, thank you so much for inviting me.”

Dr. Kavita Gundur

UK-Licensed Paediatrician & Neonatologist