15+ Specialties in 1 Clinic

Direct Telemedicine Access, wherever you are



✅  Expert Second Opinions

✅  Specialized Medical Guidance

✅  Peer Recommendations

15+ Specialties

in 1 Clinic.


On Demand Telemedicine, wherever you are.





✅  Expert Second Opinions

✅  Personalized Specialist Reviews

✅  Direct Pay Access, Guaranteed

Do you need a Doctor who really understands you?


We help you connect with the best minds in modern medicine, that money can buy, with next day appointments!*


*Subject to Provider availability

Step into the VIOS Clinic, to get priority access online doctor consultations with top tier board-certified healthcare consultants

Ask our specialists to guide you to make better health choices & manage your complex chronic health issues

Connect with the best minds in medicine, that money can buy

Expert Second Opinions

Specialized Consults

Lifestyle Counselling


Get Better Virtual Care in 5 Easy Steps With The VIOS Clinic

1. Choose Your Provider

2. Join our Plans

3. Pay online

4. Join your Zoom meeting

5. Schedule a follow up

How can you be sure that Telemedicine is the right choice for your healthcare needs?

Are You Looking for Online Consultation Jobs as a Specialist?

7% of Specialists are moving to Concierge Telemedicine”

Dr. Brian Wu, MD, PhD 

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