We bring the Doctor’s office right into your living room, wherever you are




✅  Expert Second Opinions

✅  Specialized Medical Guidance

✅  Diagnostic Consults

We bring the Doctor’s office right into your living room, wherever you are





✅  Second Opinions

✅  Specialist Reviews

✅  Direct Pay Access

What Does The VIOS Clinic Do?

Have you been recently diagnosed with a life-altering disease?

Are you stuck between choosing a life of popping endless pills, a scary surgical procedure (that might bankrupt you), or maybe you just aren’t getting the full benefits of Modern Medicine, like most people?

Our amazing network of renowned specialists has been carefully chosen to help patients like you get the right information about the right choices, for your healthcare needs…

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Expert Second Opinions

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with the opinions and treatments offered by your primary care physician, getting a professional second opinion online has never been easier. We have a vast network of highly talented and comprehensively trained specialists who are eager to help you get to the bottom of your health complications.

Click here to know more about second opinions

Lifestyle Counseling

Looking to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life? Get access to professional lifestyle counseling services through our easy-to-use virtual platform. You can get all of your questions answered along with fully personalized lifestyle advice to help you achieve your personal health goals, by a professional.

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Medical Consults

Not sure about the medical reports you were given? Ask our specialists what they actually mean & whether you need a different blood test to make sure your diagnosis was correct. Unbiased personalized case reviews are our main commitment to your specific health needs.

Read this article about why you may need medical consults for diagnostic test

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Is There Someone Who Can Help Me Choose?


Head on over to the corner of your screen & let our automated triage-bot guide you throughout our platform.

If you have a specific query, feel free to send us a direct message & we will get back to you within a few hours.


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Why Do You Need The VIOS Clinic?

To answer this question, you should ask yourself…

“After paying premium payments for my insurance (or taxes) why am I not getting a premium healthcare experience?


At The VIOS Clinic, we bring you eminent specialists, trained from the top institutions in the United States, United Kingdom & beyond, to make a virtual house call.


You get to ask all of your most profound doubts and worries after your primary doctor gives a diagnosis

You can ask if their alternative therapies are according to gold standard treatment.

And our Doctors have decades of experience helping patients like you…




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21+ Board-Certified Specialists

Our providers undergo a comprehensive background & credentials check to verify their postgraduate training & to make sure their expertise can be properly communicated via telemedicine.

Direct Pay Priority Scheduling

No need to waste time with prior authorizations, expensive medical travel & or infected waiting rooms.

Direct Pay, Book an Appointment & Get Better Care, without leaving your home

Personalized & Unhurried Consults

Atleast 30min 1-1 Teleconsult with the Doctor of your choice? Are you for real?

Absolutely. This is what The VIOS Clinic is all about.

We Bring You the Best Minds in Modern Medicine, just the way you want it.

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Do I Really Need It?

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How Does It Work?


Select Your Doctor

Complete the form and then click on the link to view your recommended specialist. You can see their profile and clinical expertise.

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Choose a Membership Plan

Click on the button labelled ‘View Our Plans to choose a membership plan that fits your needs and budget. Don’t worry you won’t be locked into any contract – you can change it anytime.

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Complete Your Registration

After you press ‘Apply Now’ you can create your patient registration profile. After we approve your registration, we will email you the banking details to confirm your membership and help you schedule your doctor appointments as you like.

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Ready to Meet Your Concierge Doctor?

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