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Why Do I Need Telemedicine in 2021?


Do you know how badly Global Inflation will hit you in 2021?

An inflation rate of 3.5% will cause a drastic rise in airline ticket prices, hotel rates will increase & imagine the hassle you will face trying to look for a great doctor…whom your insurance will cover



Are you willing to pay for uncertainty & inconvenience?



Don’t let Pandemic lockdowns stop you from getting quality care

woman looking confused at the high cost of medical travel for international medical tourism
telemedicine guidance for a remote patient about their prescriptions online using viosapp

Who is VIOS for?

The VIOS Clinic is made for people like you who demand greater value from specialised healthcare.

You want a faster better clinical experience to guide you to make the right decisions 

VIOS is for people like you who want a better experience from modern medicine.

David’s Testimonial

In this video, we want to introduce you to our latest customer, David who had faced  a very common challenge of helping a family member with their complex health issues, when they are far away from them.

He used the VIOS Platform to easily make a virtual appointment – without any insurance paperwork or hassles…and his Mom really enjoyed the Zoom session with her doctor!

Christopher’s Testimonial

Christopher from Pretoria, South Africa, has a son with a chronic illness.

To make sure the diagnostic reports were correct and the treatment plan is of international standard, he reached out to the VIOS clinic on our page and found a medical specialist based in Ohio, United States.

He was pleasantly amazed at how easy and fast he could simply select the specialist, view their medical credentials and book an online Zoom appointment, without any hassles.

Why should you consider getting an expert second opinion from non-judgemental unbiased specialists?

A study of 173 general internal medicine patients published in PLOS ONE last year found 13% received a new diagnosis after a second opinion, and 56% started a new treatment.
A 2017 retrospective study published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice found final diagnoses were distinctly different from referral diagnoses in 21% of cases, and in 66% of cases, final diagnoses were refined compared with the referral.

Are you sure you have all the answers before starting your treatments?

Are you really sure that surgery is your only choice?


Better Ask An Expert…

Are you a Doctor looking for better career choices?

7% of Specialists are moving to Concierge Telemedicine”

Dr. Brian Wu, MD, PhD 

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