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No more time wasted in traffic or waiting for appointments in a crowded risky waiting room

Use Video Telemedicine through our New VIOS Patient app to safely and easily discuss your health issues with a trusted physician, in their virtual clinic


"VIOS truly cares about customers. Hope they will become the go to platform for both doctors and patients."

"This is a new online will be definitely helpful for physicians and their patients in different places of town in the modern busy life."

"Finding good doctors is so difficult, I hope VIOS finds a way."

"looks like a really innovative way to help doctors give the right care without broker harassment."

"Hope this app will create a positive impact in healthcare industry. Looking forward to the new app."

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Use the VIOS Doctor app to see as many patients as you want, anytime from the comfort and safety of your home & virtual clinic!


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About ViOS

ViOS connects you directly with the best doctors around the world including therapists & other healthcare professionals who are motivated & dedicated to your care, using our own patented healthcare apps. Online healthcare consultation and doctors appointment made easy, just for you.
Our platform ensures that the person you are looking for is available and on duty at the very moment you are searching, so you do not waste time in traffic and in the waiting room.
The ViOS Patient App is designed to help you find the right doctor at the right time - just choose your online doctor, pay the fees and directly go into your video one app!
The VIOS DOCTOR APP & VIOS PATIENT apps are being carefully redesigned to meet the health needs of the global patient population.
As we come out of this terrible crisis, we need the right digital solution to help us get better, or even our family members keep up to date with their care. We at ViOS are working really hard to make sure your family gets the care they deserve, at the value you expect.
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ViOS is an on demand video telemedicine platform that connects virtual specialist clinics to patients around the world.



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