The VIOS Clinic

Global Leaders in Concierge Telemedicine

Are you or a loved one struggling with a serious illness or disease that is impacting your daily life?

Are you receiving treatment for a preexisting condition that’s not meeting your expectations?


You’re not alone.


Thousands of patients across the world don’t feel they’re getting the proper kind of medical treatment they need or deserve. 


We specialize in helping patients just like you connect with world-class specialists to receive expert second opinions on their medical complications. You can step into the VIOS Clinic from anywhere in the world for quick, easy, and hassle-free access to specialized telemedicine consulting, lifestyle counseling, and professional medical second opinions.


The VIOS Clinic is designed for specialized telemedicine consults, to ensure clients receive the attention they require without the red tape that’s normally associated with medical care. You won’t have to fill out any annoying paperwork or suffer long waiting times for referrals.


The VIOS Clinic has a team of specialists dedicated to helping people manage their complex chronic diseases. Our team has years of experience in helping thousands of patients like you get personalized reviews and guidance for the latest treatment options that are right for you.


We understand that managing your condition can be challenging and we offer professional support, education and treatment to help make it easier.


Simply choose the specialist you want to see, join our amazing membership packages, schedule an online appointment and get the help you need, wherever you are.

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What Can The VIOS Clinic Do For You?

Under these distressing times, getting a recent diagnosis of a life-changing disease or worrying about poorly managed chronic diseases should be the last thing on your mind.

Latest treatments, experimental therapies and peer referrals for the next best step for your complex healthcare needs, are no longer beyond your grasp.

Who else would know another great doctor, than the great doctors who work in the VIOS Clinic.

Expert case review and peer recommendations to make sure you are getting the best care that money can buy.

Join our concierge membership plans and let us safely navigate you through the confusing complex medical world.

Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Medical Director, The VIOS Clinic