What is ViOS?

Why Do I need Telemedicine in 2021?


Do you know how badly global inflation will hit in 2021?

It will directly impact on the drastic rise in domestic and international flight prices, hotel rates will increase and imagine the hassle you will face trying to look for a specialist review of your complex health needs.

Is the price of uncertainty and inconvenience something you are willing to pay for?


What if instead of paying:

$800-1400+/pp for a plane ticket

$450+ pp/day for a 3* Hotel

$70 per day for meals

…..and so many more annoying expenses


There was a one price one time consultation fee for exactly who you want, when you want…..while you’re on the couch at home?

What is VIOS?

ViOS is the world’s first priority access cross-border telehealth telecommunications platform. Made up of a high value network of industry experts with decades of clinical experience, connected by technology and uncompromising credibility in specialised care.


Our one price consult fee model ensures that you get that high end value that you expect with specialised priority care.


Is VIOS like other second opinion virtual service providers?



Have you tried others before?

How long does it take you to see who is available? Are you allowed to select your specialist?

How many agreement clauses do you need to authorize before sending your medical records?

Does it take 3 days or a week before someone from their support center calls you to confirm and make sure you can pay?

Will they accept VISA or Mastercard?

If the Doctor is only available in the afternoon, does it mean you (or your mother) has to be awake late at night for a shaky video call?


so…Is VIOS like the others?


We created a digital health experience that removes 90% of all that hassle.


Because the time it took you to read this section…you would have received a booking confirmation for your scheduled session…..at your convenient time


Who is VIOS for?

The VIOS Clinic is made for people like you who demand greater value from specialised healthcare.

You want a faster better clinical experience to guide to make the right decisions, without all that hassle


At VIOS we know how hard it is to schedule a specialised consult weeks or months in advance

We know that even with medical insurance coverage, you need the exact prior authorization and pay the deductible just to proceed with your 15min consultation


VIOS is for people like you who want a better experience from modern medicine.


A better guidance to options that might help you.

A better way to carry on your life without disrupting your whole day just for a short chat.


VIOS is for YOU

You make the choices that feel right



What will VIOS do for me?

The specialised providers in the VIOS clinic have invested decades of their lives to become experts in very specific fields of medicine. They have become highly experienced in managing every form and type of complaint or complication that their patients have faced.


You can enjoy hassle-free personalised guidance for complex, and often difficult-to-manage-alone health issues, that you or a family member may be trying to cope with.


Our rigorous selection process ensures that only highly skilled professionals are motivated and trained to help you.


Their 10-15years of combined clinical knowledge is now available in our easy to use direct scheduling platform.


Why Do I Need a Second Opinion?

The medical field can be very complex and confusing for you. Often your doctor may not have enough time to explain all the necessary details, to help you understand the seriousness of your condition, or of your loved one.


Medical jargon sounds strange and medication regimens are so annoying.


With a little effort from VIOS, maybe we can help educate you on your choices, so you can make an smart informed choice on what to do next:


  • Is your condition permanent?
  • Were all the test dont to confirm? Were they even necessary?
  • Could it be something else?
  • What exactly does this medication do?
  • Am I holding the inhaler right?
  • Do I need the surgery? Will it be safe?
  • Is there an expert who can guide me?


Our VIOS Providers are used to these types of questions in their practices, that’s why they are more than capable to help you out.


How does VIOS work?

 Just follow these 6 simple steps:


1) Visit the Clinic

2) Choose the Specialty

3) Select Your Provider

4) Choose a convenient timeslot

5) Book online

6) And show up to your virtual session


Let’s see what our latest satisfied customer – David had to say…


In these videos, we want to introduce you to some our latest customers who had faced a  very common challenge of helping a family member with their complex health issues, when they are far away from them. 

They used the VIOS Platform to easily make a virtual appointment – without any insurance paperwork or hassles…click on the videos to hear their stories.



Click here to view this summary of what VIOS is all about

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