Online Rheumatology Consults in Massachusetts: Dr. Saba Beg, MD

Dr. Dr. Saba Beg, MD

Dr. Dr. Saba Beg, MD

Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Languages spoken:

English | Urdu | Hindi | Kashmiri

I am a Board-certified Internal Medicine and Rheumatology specialist. In addition to bread and butter rheumatology, I have a particular interest in treating patients with inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia.
Improving the quality of life of patients is of utmost importance to me, this is why I chose rheumatology as my area of specialization.
Dr. Saba will only accept patient bookings from residents of the state of Massachusetts. International patients may make an appointment as well
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Patient Testimonial

In my last job, I saw a patient who was in his early 70s. This patient went from being a healthy 70-year-old to someone who needed help with all his activities of daily living due to what appeared as severe inflammatory arthritis.
He had been seen by local rheumatologists and had multiple ED visits without an actual diagnosis. He was on very high doses of opioids as his pain was out of control.
I diagnosed him with MDA5 myositis and started him on immunosuppressive medication. Seeing him improve on treatment and become independent again was an extremely rewarding experience.