Am I Taking the Right Medications? 

Using Telemedicine to Help Patients with their Online Prescriptions

ami taking the right medications ebook written by dr ismail sayeed telemedicine startup founder and entrepreneur of viosapp vios

About the Book

The seamless merger between various touch points of digital health is no longer a dream of futurists, it is a real and practical tool in modern telehealth. In many health systems in the world such as in the United States, Northern Europe, United Arab Emirates, Japan and China, the healthtech infrastructure is a key delivery point for high quality accessible telehealth for their citizens.

In the Post-Pandemic narrative of digital health, it is a possible reality for patients with non-emergency health issues to consult their primary providers online, who have received secure health data from remote patient health monitoring devices (RPMs), to create customised care plans with online prescriptions already authorised, billed and shipped to the patients’ homes.


Though such forms of telehealth exist in some form or another, with varying levels of success, not all stakeholders are able to fully leverage the true potential of personalised medicine to the quality and sustainability according to their own unique health needs.


Though telemedicine and online prescription delivery platforms have indeed increased access and convenience for many patients, true patient satisfaction remains to be adequately assessed. It is not enough to simply provide a quick meet and prescribe for acute (non-emergency) cases, there is still a great deal of effort required to provide the right value to chronic disease sufferers.

Patients with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other long-term complex health issues need a personalised guided therapy that transcends just an online prescription of their daily medications.


Such patients have questions regarding their medication doses, regimen, questions about side effects and other queries that can affect overall treatment compliance. Often there is no easy way to ask for a follow up meeting just to discuss the details of their online prescriots, either due to scheduling issues with their primary provider or not being approved by their insurer.

The combined convenience of telemedicine and online prescriptions forms the unique value proposition of telehealth as a whole. Ongoing studies by the American Telehealth Association have shown great potential in allowing patients to form a closer bond to their provider, due to the ease of communication in times of need, compared to pre-pandemic office visits. 

If the patient needs additional assistance after receiving their telemedicine prescription, such as not understanding the medication directions or if they experience a change in their health or any other medications they have been taking, the patient will be able to directly consult the doctor who will answer any queries as soon as possible, without the need for an in-person office visit.

Download this ebook today, to learn how expert telemedicine consults can provide the necessary second opinions about your online prescriptions and the medications you might have to start.