What do you need to ask your Nephrologist?

Your mother is taking a lot of medications, are they safe for her weak kidneys?

Does COVID-19 affect the kidney system?

Are you worried about not following up with your high blood pressure issues as a renal failure patient?

Do you want to know how changing your dietery habits can prolong the quality of life for your parents?

With the right dietary changes, it is very possible to manage the early stages of end-stage renal disease. 

Patients just need to follow evidence based management of kidney failure - and I believe we can delay the need for dialysis comepletely

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Dr. Nasim Musa Porosh

MBBS, MMED Nephrology (UK)

Consultant Nephrologist & Renal Dialysis Expert

Dr. Nasim is a dedicated nephrology specialist & renal dialysis expert with great passion in providing practical healthcare advice to kidney failure patients.

He is very knowledgeable about how renal failure patients can avoid dialysis treatments or atleast delay the need for kidney transplants.

Dr. Nasim has more than 15+ years experience as a Nephrology Consultant and a Medical Director of various high value renal dialysis centers. 

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