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Dr. Linda Gordon, MD

Dr. Linda Gordon, MD

Dr. Linda Gordon, MD



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Dr. Linda Gordon, Md is a highly motivated Pediatrician, trained in managing complex childhood illnesses at the Harlem Hospital Center in New York & the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

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It is both rewarding and a challenge to deliver healthcare in pediatrics. It takes the form of prescription medicine, patient education and family empowerment.

In the disease categories of asthma, mental health, and nutrition, I assist families in the understanding of their diagnosis and treatment.

Moreover, this is an inclusive process including healing through medicine and self-care. The goal is to encourage patient and family well-being.

This includes the promotion of those activities that lead to the development of age-appropriate milestones, participation in physical activity, and obtaining access to community and civic resources.

Dr. Linda is accepting US-patient bookings from the state of Alabama & Georgia only. International patients are welcome to make a booking as well.

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$300/one time

On-demand teleconsult for a recent diagnosis & review diagnostic reports.


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Twice a month Zoom consults (including follow up appointments)

Extended consultation time ~20min

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$2500 USD/6 months

For patients who need expert guidance to reset their poor health after a recent diagnosis of a critical health issue. Convenient & guaranteed scheduling every month, full accountability to your expert caregiver.

Twice a month Zoom consults for over 6 months

Extended consultation time 30min

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$5000 USD/12 months

Comprehensive & personalized assessment of your health condition, including available options that is right for you. True concierge-style guidance for an entire year. Perfect for high-performing professionals with busy & stressful lives.


Twice a month priority scheduling for 12 months

Extended + comprehensive consultation time +30min

Visit value = $208/visit *Premium value*

Second opinion or related medical consult reports are available on request (no extra charge). Contact us for provider report requests.

Cashback features after completing 20/24 virtual visits in 1 year

How can Dr. Linda help your child online?

Virtual visits with a pediatrician goes beyond just diagnosing a rash or the common cold, and it’s certainly more valuable than prescribing antibiotics.

At The VIOS Clinic, we go beyond just the common ailments. Our specialists, including Dr. Linda is dedicated to go beyond the initial diagnosis.

Dr. Linda can help guide your child’s long term care and create personalized home care therapies directed to their individual needs.

The best part is that being an online consult, it makes it easier to communicate and coordinate special care when needed.

This is a personal story of how impactful a holistic care approach can be to a child’s wellbeing:

A personal story I would like to share is that of an adolescent female, diagnosed with depression. Complicating her course was a suboptimal response to therapy. As a result, I referred her to psychiatry. In the interim, she experienced academic decline and the family agreed to home-schooling. In addition, the parents were informed of an internship with a local veterinarian which the young lady enjoyed. With the interventions given, she showed a dramatic improvement.