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The VIOS PATIENT app will help you connect  with the right doctor, from the comfort & safety of your home,


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Have you ever had such a terrible toothache that you would try anything to find a Dental chamber?

Where can you find a Dentist at night?​

Dr. Ismail Sayeed uses the VIOS PATIENT app to search for a good dentist last night.

Watch the video clip to see how easy it is to find a specialist, see their degree and directly connect with them to set up a hassle-free appointment, on the same day

Dr. Ismail Sayeed CEO of ViOS showing live demo of looking for a good dentist oral maxilo-facial dental surgeon and oral medicine specialist using the VIOS PATIENT app vios viosapp for real time on demand online healthcare consultations to see a dentist specialist chamber for hassle free health consultation in Dhaka
vios patient is a medical saas product of viosapp and vios ltd, a digital health startup based in USA. The vios patient app and vios doctor app helps the best doctors using online doctor appointment systems to bring more patients to their virtual clinic chamber - for quick and safe healthcare appointments

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ViOS is an on demand video telemedicine platform that connects virtual specialist clinics to patients around the world.



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