Do you need a better way to bring more patients into your practice?

The medical career is an honorable and worthy cause

With the right clinical skills and hard-working mindset it is possible to impact the health and life of your community and lead a prosperous career to support your family.



Our Video platform allows you to directly see your patients, while you are safe at home. This will allow you to practice medicine in a more structured way so that you can concentrate on more high demand interventions in your hospital, at your convenience. 

At ViOS, we understand your challenges and are motivated to help your career and future goals.

How will I get paid for my CONSULTATION?

Every Healthcare Specialist will have the freedom to decide the value of their expertise with our platform.


For your many years in training, you deserve adequate reimbursement for your dedicated service.


After submitting all the necessary documents for your professional profile, we will assign you into specific categories based on your qualifications (general practitioner, specialist, consultant, miscellaneous), when you sign in to the VIOS DOCTOR app you can choose your consultation fees according to a spectrum as you see fit.

You are entitled to 80% revenue (after tax deductions) for every single patient session, direct to your personal bank account.


This financial freedom will allow you to see more patients for a certain fee, or fewer patients for a higher fee - based on the value healthcare you are able to provide.

As per international financial transactions - a certain period of time is needed to process each electroninc transaction.


We at VIOS will strive to reimburse you at the end of every month, without delay. 

How do I become a VIOS DOCTOR?

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ViOS is an on demand video telemedicine platform that connects virtual specialist clinics to patients around the world.



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