Dr. Naved Yousuf Hasan

Dr. Naved Yousuf Hasan

Internal Medicine Pulmonary Diseases Critical Care


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Dr. Naved is a Consultant Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, with 37-year wide range experience mostly in the United States and United Kingdom.

He has acquired American Boards in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary (Chest) Diseases and Critical Care.

He has extensive experience in treating all major respiratory illnesses including Asthma, COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Chronic Cough and provides expert guidance on managing Critical care patients in the ICU setting.

Dr. Naved is the world’s leading expert in TelePulmonology here at the VIOS Clinic. He has joined the global platform to provide expert medical second opinions and consultations for family members with complex chest diseases or are sufferring from respiratory illnesses due to their chronic health conditions.


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How can Dr. Naved help you using Telemedicine?

Pulmonology is a specialized branch of Internal Medicine dealing with the complex patholgies of our respiratory system.

A multitiude of people are sufferring from difficult to treat respiratory problems affectng the way their lungs are supposed to extract oxygen for the body.

Loved ones in the ICU setting who are placed on a ventilator face many serious issues that specialists like Dr. Naved handle on a daily basis.

Using his diverse clinical knowledge into Chest diseases, Lung damage and what to expect in the ICU setting – you can inquire on the next best steps that should be taken for patients with chronic or complex lung diseases.

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