Dr. Kari L Kuenn, MD

Dr. Kari L Kuenn, MD


Children’s Hospital of Orange County Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty
I am a Pediatrician with 20 years of experience, born, raised and trained in California. I am Board-Certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care.
I have spent my career taking care of, supporting, and educating young adults, children, and infants, and their families, many with very complicated chronic or severe illness.
My specialist training and experience covers various complex pediatric illnesses such as difficult-to-treat infections, childhood cancers, congenital mitochondrial illnesses, connective tissue disorders, child mental health, gender concerns, autism and ADHD.
I am very comfortable discussing lifestyle changes, nutrition, and dietary supplements for your sick child.
My goal is for families to understand to the best of our ability what is going on, their options, treatment choices, even if those choices are difficult end-of-life choices.
I am a lover of animals, music, photography, writing and my family.
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Why Should You Talk with Dr. Kari about Your Child’s Health?

Because Dr. Kari is one of those unique individuals who understands the practical challenges that parents of sick children face on a daily basis.

Dr. Kari is a wonderful caring person who wants to use the convenience and global reach of telemedicine to visit your sick child – right in your home, without the need for painful and discomforting travel.

Dr. Kari has decades of experience in providing holistic family-friendly pediatric advice that is applicable to families worldwide.

Let her speak with your sick child so she can put a smile on their beautiful faces.

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