Dr. Kavita Gundur

Dr. Kavita Gundur

NHS, Paediatrics


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I am a Paediatric Doctor, with a special interest in Neonatology. I am passionate about providing new mothers and babies with the support and advice they need to help establish breastfeeding by empowering them with the correct techniques with an aim to make this experience an enjoyable and less stressful one for both the mother and baby.

I understand how worrying it can be for parents to receive a diagnosis of a chronic disease for their child. I am here to offer post diagnostic support in a kind, empathetic and honest manner based on facts and scientific evidence.

This service includes: explaining the diagnosis in layman terms, going through the blood results and the treatment and management options. My job is also to empower parents and older children to be in control of their own health and implement simple actionable lifestyle changes to alleviate many of the symptoms arising due to Chronic diseases.


I believe the emotional well being of parents and children are paramount when dealing with a new diagnosis, especially of a chronic condition.


I therefore, also offer counselling sessions offering emotional support by delving into the psychological aspects of care, thereby achieving a holistic, well balanced approach to managing the child’s condition in the long term.

I have also trained in Adult Medicine prior to entering Paediatrics and I am also happy to take on adult patients in the specialties of Cardiology, Neurology, including dementia, Neurosurgery and Renal & Transplant Medicine: service includes post diagnostic support, advice, signposting and counselling for emotional well being.

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What kind of issues may I discuss with Dr. Kavita?

Dr. Kavita is an excellent orator and she adores children. During your telemedicine session, Dr. Kavita may discuss with you a wide variety of child care related questions such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Develeopment milestones
  • Behaviour/Discipline
  • School
  • Social development

And of course our virtual visits are an ideal online doctor consultation opportunity to go in depth into certain chroni illnesses your child may be sufferring from, or is recently diagnosed by your primary care physician.

Dr. Kavita is well versed in various aspects of neonatology, which is the schience of early newborn and infant care, therefore if you have a newborn baby and would like to discuss proper care techniques, she would be more than happy to guide your parenting needs. 

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