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Dr. Garrett Cuppels, MD

Dr. Garrett Cuppels, MD

Dr. Garrett Cuppels, MD


General Orthopedic Surgery, Sports injuries, Fracture management, Partiel Joint replacement & Arthroscopy analysis

About Dr. Garrett

Dr. Garrett Cuppels, MD is an Orthopedics specialist trained in Sports Medicine at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine Fellowship. He is highly skilled in areas of General Orthopedic Surgery, Sports injuries, Fracture management, Partial Joint replacement & Arthroscopy analysis

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Dr. Garrett Cuppels graduated from West Chester University Pennsylvania in 1997 where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

He was named the top pre-medical student of his class and has an award renamed in his honor.

He then went on to attend the Medical College of PA*Hahnemann School of Medicine where at the conclusion of his second year he earned admission into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society.

During medical school, he did extensive research with Dr. Joseph Torg on Jones fractures, was awarded the Carnegie Medal for Heroism, and was featured in several news stories, Dateline, and the Oprah Winfrey Show for his act of heroism.

After graduating from medical school in 2001 Summa Cum Laude he continued his training by completing a general surgery internship followed by an orthopedic surgery residency at theUniversity of Miami, Florida.

He served as the chief resident from 2005-to 2006 and completed research on soft tissue tumors as well as rotator cuff tears and treatment options.

Following his graduation from residency in 2006 he received further training in Sports Medicine at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine Fellowship.

During this time, not only did he gain vast experience in a variety of sports injuries at all levels but he also spent a significant amount of time with the Oakland Raiders, USA Rugby Team, and served as the team physician for the College of San Mateo.

His orthopedic surgery interests include sports injury management, fracture management, partial joint replacements, and arthroscopy.

In his free time, he enjoys doing anything related to the water including diving, fishing, and boating as well as spending time with his 10-year-old Golden Retriever, Bentley.


Dr. Garrett will be accepting patient queries from the state. of Delaware only. International patients may apply as well.

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Patient testimonial

As a chief resident in our trauma service, I saw a patient in the clinic from South America with a very angulated and poorly healed tibial shaft fracture.

He had been seen by several other Orthopaedic surgeons in the past; however because he was uninsured and his complex injury none would agree to treat him.

Despite this, I was confident I could help him through a complex surgery involving removing a wedge of bone at the fracture site and realigning the tibia anatomically, and finally placing a long titanium rod down the inner canal.

Although it took almost 6 hours of difficult surgery, ultimately we were able to achieve an anatomic reduction and fixation of the deformity. He subsequently was seen in the clinic in the post-operative period and went on to fully recover.

Sometimes the only recourse is to get hip or knee replacement surgery. This is a major operation that can be a difficult decision for many people.