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Dr. Martin Perlin, MD

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Endocrine, Gastroenterology & Hematology Consultations

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I spent my earliest days growing up in Brooklyn, New York. I attended the local public schools in Brooklyn and was indeed fortunate to earn a scholarship to Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. As a motivated undergraduate, I majored in Chemistry with a minor in Biology.

My exposure to the natural sciences spurred an interest in the inevitable application of the same to the practice of medicine. I graduated magna cum laude and was offered a scholarship to the State University of New York Downstate College of Medicine.

Once again, I was indeed fortunate to graduate with magna cum laude honors and was accepted by New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center for my postgraduate studies.

Over the next six years, I completed my internship and residency in Medicine as well as a fellowship in Hematology-Oncology.

Following the successful completion of my postgraduate studies, I began my clinical practice of Internal Medicine with a subspecialty devoted to Hematology-Oncology. I am board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine as well as a diplomate of the same.

In recent years with the advent of the ever-burgeoning practice of telemedicine, I have become increasingly involved in the pursuit of the delivery of care for a wide spectrum of ailments via the telehealth/telemedicine platform.


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In recent years with the advent of the ever-burgeoning practice of telemedicine, I have become increasingly involved in the pursuit of the delivery of care for a wide spectrum of ailments via the telehealth/telemedicine platform.

Dr. Martin Perlin, MD

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Don’t let your diagnosis & pain rob you of a peaceful, fulfilling life.

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Membership Fees

Easy Monthly Subscriptions without all the paperwork. Cancel anytime.

US Residents


Applicable to residents of New York, Illinois, New Jersey, California, Florida & New Hampshire

International Patients


Applicable for International Patients. Terms & Conditions may apply.

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What is Concierge Telemedicine?

Concierge medicine is a highly personalized form of private practice, that bridges the divide that existed between patients and their preferred doctor, due to the complexity of medical insurance plans.

Concierge care is a more comprehensive approach to individual management of certain long-term illnesses that require expert medical guidance for the unique attention that may be needed.

Telemedicine is a powerful communication tool that has allowed patients from almsot anywhere in the world to connect in real-time with their doctor, without the hassles of international travel – especially under these distressing times.

Modern medicine and technology have now joined hands to combine on-demand online scheduling and synchronous video conferencing – to connect you to the best medical minds that money can buy, at your time.

The VIOS Clinic is your best option for Concierge Telemedicine services, to help you get priority online appointments and convenient virtual visits by board certified specialists, without either of you two wasting time getting to a hospital or clinic.

How will Telemedicine help me with my Chronic Illness?

Glad you asked 👍

Telemedicine has helped countless patients manage their illnesses, without leaving their homes or city.

There are a dozen advantages to using telemedicine for your health, here are the Top 3 advantages:

1) Save time ⏰

No more wasting your valuable time hoping for a specialist consult next month, get an expert medical opinion tomorrow!

2) Save Money 💵

The longer your illness is not under control, the more expensive your future procedure is going to cost you.

Get yourself an affordable personalized review, so you can plan ahead for an affordable treatment plan.

3) Decrease Pain & Suffering 🤕

Do you really need to be stuck in traffic, immigration, or a nasty waiting room?

Get comfy on your couch and log in to your scheduled Zoom meeting – Your Doc is probably waiting online. 👨‍⚕️ 📲

Impressed? 😎

Join a membership, Book an appointment & take back control of your life

Who Needs Concierge Telemedicine in 2022?

Concierge care is a distinct experience that most people are searching for since the pandemic. Most people like you.

You want a better relationship and guided therapy by expert physicians, who may not be available when you need them, wherever you are.

You want a say in your health choices, you want to understand what is happening and what steps are best for you, and for you alone.

And most importantly, you want a simpler way to pay for specialized healthcare online, without worrying about the logistics of medical travel.

How does The VIOS Clinic work?

Great question 😀

Our virtual clinic works pretty much the same way a normal clinic works – without all the paperwork & being stuck in a waiting room!

All you have to do is:

▪Join a priority membership plan

▪ Pay online

▪ Fill up the patient form

▪ Select a convenient timeslot with your Doctor

▪ & hop into your Zoom call!

What kind of Concierge Services will I get with The VIOS Clinic membership?

  • Priority scheduling at your specific timezones
  • Preferred choice of Specialists, based on their unique clinical skills and accreditation
  • Convenient online appointments and Zoom virtual visits – there’s no need to download another app!
  • Personalized Medical Case Review
  • Expert Second Opinions
  • Lifestyle Counselling
  • Specialized Health Coaching

What we don't do at The VIOS Clinic

  • Our unique value is based on you having the best possible virtual consults with tertiary level guidance i.e. specialist review of a pre-diagnosed chronic illness or a recent diagnosis by your primary physician, and you would like an expert second opinion.

    We do NOT provide the following services:

    • Acute management for life-threatening health issues
    • Primary diagnosis for health complaints
    • Online prescriptions of any form
    • Prescription refill requests
    • Medical reports for travel, insurance or any other claims

What are my advantages to joining a Specialized Care Membership?

  • Hassle-free online doctor appointment
  • No prior authorization needed
  • Easy Direct Pay for priority booking
  • You get to choose your Doctor based on your terms
  • Convenient scheduling from anywhere in the world
  • Only connect with certified and verified healthcare professionals
  • Transparent pricing – no hidden fees
  • No subscription lock in – start and end as you wish
  • High value savings the more regular your doctor visits are
  • Spend more time with your doctor, ask all of your burning questions while comfortable in your own home.

How do I pay the consultation fees?

You can pay online with Apple Pay and any major credit card.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not take insurance.

Our healthcare model is designed for direct pay access to your choice of doctor, whenever you need them.

When you join our membership, you get priority telemedicine scheduling with your preferred provider.

All payments are direct pay transactions by the patient

Who are your Telemedicine Providers?

  • Concierge medicine, whether in-person or online, requires a professional mindset that goes beyond decades of clinical training and experience. Our services are about providing a high tier virtual patient experience, that someone like you, your parents or another loved one demands from modern medicine.

    We take complaince and due diligance very seriously.

    The VIOS Clinic is made up of a curated network of highly trained and verified healthcare specialsits, with many years of clinical experience dealing with complex chronic illnesses in their specialist fields.

    Visit the Clinic here, and see for yourself.

Will the Doctor recommend any diagnostic tests?

That is up to the discretion of your preferred provider.

After they have assessed your case in the Zoom meeting, they may suggest* an additional (or repeat) test to fully analyze your health condition, which you may carry out at your convenience.

*Any diagnostic recommendation provided is an expert opinion and will not be an official prescription, nor will it be reimbursed in any way.

Can I get a prescription or a refill?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any prescriptions, in any form.

However, you may book an appointment to discuss your current medications, & your specialist may even suggest an alternative treatment, which you can discuss with your primary care provider.

Only generic drug names may be recommended by our telespecialists

Do you provide in-person services?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide in-home health services from our virtual care platform.

Kindly consult with your local provider for these services.

Can you provide emergency services?

For any urgent situation, I suggest you visit your local emergency department.

As virtual care providers, we are not equipped to assist in emergencies.

Which Membership Plan is right For me?

Each patient’s health requirements, and expectations are unique to them. For chronic diseases which had been ongoing for a long time, may need an extended period of time to fully assess all the factors that may be affecting you, and to review all possible therapies that may be suitable to your care alone.

You may begin with the ‘Monthly’ plan to start things off and see how you get along with your chosen specialist. If it is a good fit, you can always select the Annual membership options for a more value-added concierge experience.

You can email us at [email protected] and we can work something out.

If I join a Membership Plan, will I be locked into that plan?

Not at all.

You may sign up and end your membership commitment as you wish.

Just send us an email at [email protected], give us a reason why we were not able to provide you that added value and we will reimburse the remaining months (minus a processing fee) back to your bank account within 7-10  business days.

How do I join a Membership Plan?

  1. Select the membership based on your location. Whether you are based in the United States, or from overseas.
  2. Pay online.
  3. Complete the patient intake form.
  4. Select a suitable time from the scheduling link we will send you
  5. And jump into your virtual visit when you are ready.
  6. And you get to have as many follow-up visits as you want!