Dr. Esther Browne-King, MD

Dr. Esther Browne-King, MD

Independent Medical Consultant

Internal Medicine | Family Medicine

I am a Primary Care Physician with 20 yrs experience in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. I have worked in different Practice settings; Self-Employed Practice owner, as well as  an Health-system Employed Physician.

I am skilled, knowledgeable, innovative, compassionate, engaging and interactive with my patients.

There is a deep need for physicians to be more involved in the welfare and guidance of patients with chronic illnesses, with a helping hand to manage their care according to their capabilities. I believe I am that person who can help you in your health journey.


I enjoy patient teaching and education, to help equip and empower patients to play an active role in their personal health care.


Dr. Esther will only accept patient bookings from residents of the state of Florida. International patients may make an appointment as well

Disclaimer: Please read before proceeding

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