Telemedicine Doctor in Florida:

Dr. Esther B. K., MD

Dr. Esther Browne-King, MD

Dr. Esther Browne-King, MD

Internal Medicine | Family Medicine

I am a Primary Care Physician with 20 yrs experience in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. I have worked in different Practice settings; Self-Employed Practice owner, as well as a Health-system Employed Physician.

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I am skilled, knowledgeable, innovative, compassionate, engaging and interactive with my patients.

There is a deep need for physicians to be more involved in the welfare and guidance of patients with chronic illnesses, with a helping hand to manage their care according to their capabilities. I believe I am that person who can help you in your health journey.


I enjoy patient teaching and education, to help equip and empower patients to play an active role in their personal health care.


Dr. Esther will only accept patient bookings from residents of the state of Florida. International patients may make an appointment as well

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On-Demand Plan

$300/one time

On-demand teleconsult for a recent diagnosis & review diagnostic reports.


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Twice a month Zoom consults (including follow up appointments)

Extended consultation time ~20min

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$2500 USD/6 months

For patients who need expert guidance to reset their poor health after a recent diagnosis of a critical health issue. Convenient & guaranteed scheduling every month, full accountability to your expert caregiver.

Twice a month Zoom consults for over 6 months

Extended consultation time 30min

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$5000 USD/12 months

Comprehensive & personalized assessment of your health condition, including available options that is right for you. True concierge-style guidance for an entire year. Perfect for high-performing professionals with busy & stressful lives.


Twice a month priority scheduling for 12 months

Extended + comprehensive consultation time +30min

Visit value = $208/visit *Premium value*

Second opinion or related medical consult reports are available on request (no extra charge). Contact us for provider report requests.

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