How to Submit a Guest Blog

Would you like to Submit a Guest Post?

Sharing a well curated blog post is an excellent way to enhance your domain authority in a niche industry. 

Growing an online audience is the first step in creating a strong professional brand in a hyper competitive space, such as digital health.

Here at VIOS, creating impactful content by experts and researchers in the healthcare field, is an essential component of our global digital health presence.

We are eager to invite aspiring medical writers to start their healthcare entrepreneurship journey, by sharing their unique knowledge in digital health, telemedicine and the future of healthtech in 2021.



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What kind of Blog Topics Can I Submit? 

We are interested in educating our prospective stakeholders about the latest updates  and amazing opportunities in:


  • Digital Health

  • Telemedicine

  • Health & Wellness

What types of Blogs do you prefer?

We prefer that guest bloggers design their posts to be educational yet conversational so that people can gain the right practical value in navigating their health decisions.

We have a strong preference for these types of educational content:

  • Case studies

  • Tips & Tools

  • How-to guides

  • Explainer posts

  • Expert opinion posts


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How can a Guest Blogger enhance their Online Presence?

We prefer if appropriate backlinks are linked to authoritative and high-quality reference sources

Original content created by an in-depth analysis of a high-demand topic

500-1000 words are adequate to describe a niche blog topic properly

Appropriate SEO keyword research with H1 and H2 tags

Can a Guest Blogger Share Backlinks to their Own Website?

Yes, you may.

You can insert a link back to your blog page or any related website, into your author bio.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, the author may have full ownership of the blog content with their respective profile bio for collaborative purposes.


You may request for any edits in the published content as you wish, as long as the edit is aligned with our combined brand value.


You may share a profile photo (<1MB), social media account links and a 50-word bio to describe your knowledge, expertise and skillsets. You may insert a link back to your website or author page.


This guest blog article is an ideal example of a post that we would accept to be published on our website.


How much do you charge for inserting a backlink?

Guest posting in our blog database is completely free. We do not charge any price for accepting any guest post nor do we purchase any backlink services.

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How Do I Submit a Guest Post?

Click on the button below to send us an email and we can discuss how we can be a good fit.

Or you can email us at [email protected]