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We are all used to hearing about the benefits of working from home, but what about the downsides of remote work? Many skilled professionals mentioned the lack of social interaction, various distractions that are impacting them from focusing on their work, and the back and neck pain you might experience after spending hours at an ill-fitting non-ergonomic desk. In this article I will tell you why it is important to plan for long hours in WFH settings, and adapt to a healthier home office setting.

If you’re not caring for your physical and mental health while working from home, you could end up damaging your mind and body, leaving you feeling isolated and depressed. That would completely eliminate the benefits of working from home and add new problems to deal with in your life. 

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In telemedicine, doctors are working much longer hours whether they are solo-practitioners running their own virtual clinic from their homes, or are providing online healthcare consults from the many hospitals and medical institutions providing covered telehealth services. Even doctors are now complaining of burnout and physical ailments from spending long hours in front of their telehealth work stations.

If you are a telemedicine physician looking to provide online healthcare advice, and not be adversely affected from your new hybrid workflows, this blog article may be worth reading.

Improve Your Mood and Focus

You might be surprised at how much your mindset can impact on your overall productivity. Staying motivated, energized, and on task is far easier when you embrace the right lifestyle strategies. Of course, being in a good mood and properly focused on your work means you will probably be more effective at your job, a nice fringe benefit of making the right lifestyle changes. 

Check out these practical tips that will help you maintain your focus, even when the sites and sounds of home are pulling at you.

Comfortable but Professional Wardrobe 


  • Wear smart casual or relaxed business casual attire such as a simple polo shirt, blouse, with or without a sports jacket and trousers. 
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Be in the right headspace

  • Structure your day based on tasks i.e. jobs to be done
  • Organise your workspace for actual work
  • Get some simple quick exercises between online meetings like lunges, planking, calf stretches or just a quick walk around the house
  • Limit screen time as soon as your online work is done, get out and take a walk and listen to a podcast or audiobook

Try a Mental Health Support App

Download the 7 best mental health apps as determined by Very Well Mind.

  • Moodfit
  • MoodMission
  • Talkspace
  • Sanvello
  • Calm
  • Happify and many more!
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Hire a Remote Virtual Assistant

If you need to free up time to attend to your mental well-being, perhaps it is time to consider hiring virtual assistant services. Most VA’s reside in South Asia and are very fluent in English, have quality experience in bookkeeping, task shifting, excellent organisational skills and are very affordable and negotiable for long term settings.

Recognise and Manage Feelings of Loneliness

Fight loneliness with this essential advice from Owl Labs where they mentioned the following useful and helpful guides to manage remote work burnouts:

  • Book a day at a local co-working space to connect with freelancers in your industry or from other sectors.
  • Negotiate for flexible hours from your employer or contractor
  • Join online hobby groups or participate in Clubhouse rooms
  • Use video as a default during as many virtual meetings as possible
  • Embrace hybrid work as the New New Normal with half the week remote and other half in person if applicable
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Boost Your Physical Health and Fitness

Was it part of your old routine to hit the gym on the way to or from work? Maybe your workout buddy and you have gone separate ways since the pandemic broke up your routine. Perhaps you didn’t have a workout regimen before this very moment. 

Regardless of anything that you did in the past, ramping up your exercise routine offers loads of benefits to your mind and body. And if you’re just starting out, even a few minutes a day can pack a wallop.

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There are many wonderful benefits of working from home, but you’ll only experience them first hand if you’re taking steps to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health. As a remote worker, regular exercise is more important than ever before, and these resources will motivate you to get up off your office chair and move your body for better physical and mental wellness! 


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Jason is passionate about helping seniors stay healthy and injury-free. He created Strong Well to share his tips on senior fitness.

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