Telemedicine Consult Fees


How much does the Telemedicine Visit cost in the VIOS Clinic?


Specialists on the VIOS platform charge a flat rate of US$1000 for a comprehensive 30min consultation session.

Your provider may extend the duration of your session if needed, with no additional cost.


Payment Instructions & Banking Details


Click here to download the Banking details of ViOS, Inc.

How Do I Pay Online?


After you select your provider from the clinic page


Click on the button ‘Book an Appointment with…”


Complete the form to create your User Profile, and download the payment details for your session


You can use your Online Banking Options to transfer US$1000 using ACH or Wire transfers. Transaction may take 3-7 business days depending on the banking infrastructure and other parameters

*For International Wire transfers, please refer to the instructions on Page 2 of the PDF.


After your payment is confirmed (time delays may be expected based on banking systems) you will receive exclusive booking access for priority scheduling with your chosen specialist


Select a suitable time


Confirm your booking 


You will receive email confirmations and reminders prior to your scheduled session


Click on the Zoom link and join your session



Transaction Processing Issues


If you are experiencing transaction issues, please refer to the customer support section of your bank.

You may share the banking instruction PDF for clarification.

Alternatively you may contact us at: [email protected]

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