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What to expect in a VIOS Telemedicine Visit


The VIOS Clinic is your premium choice in connecting with a database of healthcare specialists, with decades of specialised expertise in chronic disease care. 


With VIOS, you can share your medical records during your Zoom meeting so that your chosen specialist can provide you with their expert medical second opinions, without even leaving your home!


ViOS, Inc has an exclusive business agreement with the Zoom for Healthcare platform to allow for highly secure processes to share private health data with your provider, only. 

We believe that you deserve a real-time virtual care experience, starting from the very moment you begin your online health journey.


Follow this guideline on how you can easily show the specialist your latest medical reports, scans and primary reports, let your specialist view the scanned records as you are having your virtual visit.



Before you book an online appointment

Gather all of your health data records, such as lab reports, x ray scans, MRI reports and any copies of patient records your primary doctor may have prepared for you.


Scan them with your phone using any number of PDF scanner apps from the App store (or Google Playstore)


Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom downloaded on your laptop. Click here to visit the Zoom website to make sure


To get a quick tutorial on how to use Zoom, visit their video tutorial page

files uploaded into central data server

Keep your Scanned Records in your Laptop

After scanning the documents, you can email them to yourself and then download those files to your laptop.


Keep them in a separate folder on your desktop so you can find them later.


Don’t forget to label them*


*It helps if you mention the date you had the scans and blood tests done

illustration of man in suit inserting files into a secure folder

**Important Notice**

The VIOS Telemedicine platform is a direct pay online consultation platform that is only suitable for non-emergency chronic (or complex) disease management consultation, second opinions & lifestyle counselling.

If your health condition is acute or life-threatening, we suggest you seek care from your local healthcare provider if needed.

For more information, click here to view our services.

Visit the VIOS Clinic

Go to viosapp.com and select the specialty that can help you 


If you are a diabetic, you should click on Internal Medicine.

If you have an Eye disorder, you can select Ophthalmology

white iphone 11 browsing home page of viosapp clinic for telemedicine booking online
three iphone 12 screen mockups showing the booking process for vios telemedicine providers

Select your Specialist

Have a read through the bio of the available specialist


All of our VIOS Providers are vetted and verified for their credentials, we have taken an extensive process in making sure you get the best possible option in modern medical expertise


Click on the button ‘Book an Appointment with…..’ to view their immediate availability*


*The availability timings are automatically synced to your timezones. Don’t worry you won’t be scheduling a 4am meeting with your cardiologist!

Pay Online

Our global payment partner, Stripe has created a fast and simple payment gateway to help you purchase your chosen appointment slot quickly and securely.


We accept all debit and credit cards endorsed by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

white iphone 12 showing calendly booking page with pay with stripe integration for the vios telemedicine booking portal

Check your Email

You will receive a booking confirmation in the email you had used for the scheduling page.

There will be details of your chosen specialist, date and timing of your appointment and the specific Zoom meeting link*


It is advised that you do not share or delete this email message

Reminder Notifications

To make it easier for you to prepare in advance, we will be sending a series of reminder emails, just in case you accidentally erase the Zoom link

(Trust me I know, I’ve made that mistake before -_- )


You will receive a reminder 12 hours before your scheduled meeting and 10 minutes prior, so you can make some arrangements such as:


  • Making sure your laptop is charged
  • The wifi signal is strong in your room
  • All the scanned files are ready
  • You have a pen and paper for taking down any notes
  • Your room is well lit and most importantly…
  • Removing any distractions. (that means kids and pets!)

Join the Zoom Meeting

At the time of your meeting, just click on the Zoom link in your email. A new browser will open to show that your meeting is about to start.


The Zoom app will start to load. If there is a delay, click on Launch Zoom.


Within a few seconds, you will enter the Zoom meeting, hopefully the Doctor will be arriving soon or already present waiting for you.

Starting your Telemedicine Session

The VIOS Provider will be asking you a series of questions related to your health issues, to get an idea of what are your main health concerns and expectations.


You may be asked about your health history for information related to:


  • Specific complaints
  • Your lifestyle habits
  • Family history
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical treatments
  • Prior surgeries
  • Recommended treatment by your primary provider


….and then the Provider will ask you to share any relevant health data.


In case the share option is not enabled, you may remind the Provider to allow file sharing or screen sharing from their Zoom window or settings.


telemedicine guidance for a remote patient about their prescriptions online using viosapp
sending files with zoom chat bu dropbox link or google drive link
share screen toggle button at bottom of zoom window host

Sharing Your Medical Records During Your Telemedicine Appointment

When ready, you can share your medical records in the following ways:


Share files directly to your specialist from the Zoom chat

Live Screen share during the zoom meeting – this is highly recommended as you do not have to worry about: 


  • Sending sensitive health data to another person
  • Avoid the risk of sending corrupted files to another computer
  • You still have full ownership of your health data and you are in control of what you want your specialist to see.


After the both of you have discussed the findings from your scanned reports, you can just close the screen sharing option.


*As the meeting is highly secured, there is no third party who can enter this meeting, invade your privacy nor is the meeting recorded by any third party software.

Concluding your Telemedicine Visit

Your Specialist will now provide you with their expert medical second opinions, counselling advice or recommendations for treatments, generic medications, further diagnostic tests and other steps you can take after sharing this information with your local primary provider.


Go ahead and take down some notes so that you can make your informed decision.


Next Step After Your Telemedicine Visit

Before your scheduled appointment ends before the 30 min mark, the VIOS Provider may suggest a follow up appointment.


You may visit the clinic page again and select the provider on a later date, following the same steps as before.


Or you may directly select the time slot from the follow up email you will receive after 14 days from this meeting date.


In this video, Christopher shares his experience with seeking an expert medical opinion about his son’s disease diagnsosis. Using the VIOS scheduling process, he found out how easy we made it for him to quickly get connected with a specialist to confirm the diagnosis and explain the treatments.

Did you find this process easy?

By downloading this free infographic, you can keep a copy of this blog to help you when you make your first telemedicine booking with us

Ismail Sayeed CEO Medical Director ViOS, Inc.


Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Dr. Sayeed is the Medical Director of ViOS, Inc. He is a deeply committed physician entrepreneur & medical blog writer. While building the global infrastructure of the VIOS Clinic, he is dedicated to educate people on the potential of specialist telemedicine for managing chronic diseases.

Read more about him in his author bio


  1. Abesh

    It’s really relieving to be able maintain the safety and also get medical check-ups right at home. The instructions are really great for people i.e: the older generation who usually struggle with modern electronic devices. These online sessions provide flexibility of time for those who don’t have urgent medical problems.

  2. Md. Fahad Azom

    Zoom app is being widely used in fields like business meetings, online classes due to the pandemic situation. Seeing it in the line of treatment is very new for me. I think it’s a great step taken by VIOS.Again, the use of zoom is described very nicely. This will be very handy for the patients.

    • vioswp

      Thank you for sharing your views, modern video chatting platforms have a great deal of potential in improving the communication channels in healthcare.

  3. Zarin

    Great preparations for the final work! This method is so easy and convenient, I really hope telemedicine will reach a stage where complex situations can be solved over zoom calls or just online. The payment option is still pretty inconvenient. It would be really helpful if the sources accepted local transactions through bkash, rocket, etc.


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