Robotic Knee Surgery Explained

Everything you Wanted to Know about Robotic Knee Surgery…but were afraid to ask

Robotic Knee Surgery Explained


Modern surgical innovation is heralded by the introduction of Robotic Knee Surgery Procedures for complex painful knee issues affecting all populations. Debilitating Osteoarthritis of the knee affects elderly and middle aged alike, even professional sports athletes. With Robotic Knee Surgery, patients can expect a futuristic approach to help them get back on their feet. In this article we address the common questions about Robotic Knee Surgery that people may have before their operation.  

Robotic Knee surgery is not for everyone. Each patient must undergo a customized evaluation to assess their unique health status. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic knee pain and is greatly affecting your way of life, the first step before contemplating any surgical knee replacement (or related procedure) is to consult with an expert orthopedic surgeon with dedicated experience with robotic surgery.

Through professional assessment to see if your unique health situation fulfills the criteria for robotic knee surgery, you will be well informed of the key concepts, issues, costs and expectations of a guided decision making process – for your wellbeing.

Download this Patient’s Guide to Robotic Knee Surgery, to get answers to the most pressing conerns raised by patients – before you go ofr surgery.