Functional Regenerative Medicine with

Dr. Khalid Shukri, MD

Dr. Khalid Shukri, MD

Dr. Khalid Shukri, MD

Internal Medicine | Critical Care | Regenerative Medicine | Functional Medicine | Anti-Ageing

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Dr. Khalid Shukri is a Graduate of King AbdulAziz University College of Medicine in Saudi Arabia and a Board Certified Physician in Anti-Aging Medicine.


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He has a 30 years of vast experience & specialization in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Dignitary Protective Medicine in major prestigious hospitals in the GCC.

Dr.Shukri is an American Board Certified Specialist in Anti-Aging & Regenerative medicine and a training Fellow in Anti Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine by the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.

His postgraduate studies were completed in the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

He strives to support Concierge clients and Patients in a holistic functional medicine approach to all anti-aging related disorders from detection, prevention, treatment and disease reversal

Some examples of Dr. Khalid’s expertise include specialized care for Chronic disease, Cancer Integrative Therapy , Autoimmune diseases, Cognitive decline, Chronic Fatigue, Memory issues and Hormonal imbalances.

Dr. Khalid’s goal is to support various international patients achieve optimal vitality and healthy energetic productive
lifespan by optimal wellness, lifestyle changes, personalized dietary protocol, stress control, exercise and better sleep quality.

His expertise and skills include Biotransformation, Detoxification, Hormone replacement therapy, Integrative Medicine, Functional medicine. Neurological disease, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, Nutrition in Cancer and chronic diseases, Stem Cell activation, Mens Health and Womens Wellness.


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