THE VIOS VALUES: A Doctor's Journey in Entrepreneurship - BOOK SUMMARY




'Finally a medical business and healthcare leadership playbook written by an actual Physician Entrepreneur AND a Doctor!'

THE VIOS VALUES: A Doctor’s Journey into Entrepreneurship

…...featuring business leadership tips for healthcare professionals looking for business opportunities and personal business guide on how YOU can start a successful medical business or digital health startup!

THE VIOS VALUES takes its inspiration from notable business mentors and growth mindset industry experts such as: Hemi Hossain ‘Fire Your Boss’, Simon Sinek ‘Start with Why’, Malcolm Gadwell ‘Outliers’, Peter Thiel ‘Zero to One’, Jim Collins ‘Good to Great’ and of course the eminent works of Tony Robbins ‘Unshakeable’.

The Healthcare Industry is a trillion dollar business.

Throughout history many notable individuals took the challenge to create a business and created astounding innovations in the medical health business sector. The last century has seen an unprecedented number of successful corporate business leaders start small companies and startups - and nurture them into massive revenue generating machines. Healthcare business ideas that become notable business ventures are responsible for creating top business leaders, that have left a lasting impact on society and the medical career as well.

In this new era of prosperity, there is still one professional career, that in itself deserves a touch of innovation. The healthcare professional career is badly in need of disruption and a return to the ethics and high values that have shaped it over the centuries. IT Technicians, Bankers, Lawyers, Engineers and other white-collar professionals are enjoying the fruits of their labors, and have themselves been a worthy asset to the modern day medical business arena. But physicians remain in the sidelines of this career progress - rather being the pioneer innovators of healthcare innovation, doctors are merely observers and occasional stakeholders of such inventions.

Do you not believe that Doctors deserve Financial Freedom as well?

Can you be a Healthcare Professional and enjoy Career Freedom and Autonomy?

If you say yes, then now is the time for more doctors to start a business, especially a health startup, and create value and prosperity in this trillion dollar business niche.

Discussing Healthcare disruption with Baybars Altuntas (Chairman, World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)

For the first time, a Doctor by profession, but an entrepreneur by passion, Dr. Ismail Sayeed has written a step-by-step disciplined entrepreneurial playbook - that will guide Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and other specialists, to reach their life goals - with the help of the intensive experiences to place value in their workplace relationships and goals, the same way that the entrepreneurship journey has shaped Dr. Ismail, once just another physician in an unrewarding career, to a renowned changemaker in the health startup scene.

The VIOS Values is a tale of self discovery and empowerment for future leaders, entrepreneurs & growth mindset coaches. A concise & disciplined entrepreneurship workbook to help professionals like you, to use their full potential to become an industry expert. This startup playbook will help you in your journey in all levels of social entrepreneurship and healthcare business, with in depth case-based examples and guidelines described at the end of each chapter.

In each chapter you will get to know the Red Flag scenarios that are commonly faced by most entrepreneurs and business leaders. Since most startups fail and businesses crash and burn, this book will teach you clear cut guidelines to avoid in your business venture and life. Taken from the real life experiences and frustrating pitfalls faced by Dr. Ismail, he will dissect and design the key areas where the mistakes occurred. Failure is just a step in the right direction towards eventual business success.

As a bonus, you will also know the best ways to develop your own Growth Mindset. As Dr. Ismail Sayeed will tell you, business success is all in the mind. With a strong Alpha Mindset, trained in the art of daily positive purposeful affirmations, you will be ready and positioned to take advantage of your authority in your market, to drive the successful results that will help build trust and loyalty amongst your customers, stakeholders and professional peers.

What will you do in 2021 that will give value to your life and society?

Take the first step towards prosperity and purpose by reading THE VIOS VALUES…….

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