Social Marketing for Doctors

It takes 5 years of med-school to get the MBBS degree

It takes 1-2 years of internship to be skillful enough

It takes another 2-4 years……or more depending on subject to complete a residency

Another 2-4 years of completing various masters and higher post-grad degrees to be even more qualified and maybe another few more years on top to be a real top name celebrity


If you are not a doctor please ask your local known doctor about this timeline

We know this much because it follows a line

It follows a trend followed by previous generations

At each stage not everyone has the luxury of working in a name brand hospital….guaranteed infrastructure and ready patients

And if you did you will realize that somehow your income is not matching your ever increasing life expenses……so you have to expand your services


Private chamber duties from one place to another

Maximize hours to increase patient turnover and revenue from private practice

Lets say you are new in the health industry

Just graduated

Or recently returned from a career abroad

Or you did work in a chamber….but then took a few years off to study abroad….the returned

What happens in your waiting room?

No calls no appointments no noise

Bad sign……

From a pure business point of view

What happened is that you as a unique product…..are new and unadvertised

Nobody knows about this new doctors skills…….even rates

What is the usual process?

Print cards…..brochures……hire middleman or dalals to gather patients for a commission?

Takes a very long time for enough patients to forward your card and name to bring more in

Is it working?

That’s right

Some mistakes are made in this strategy

We in the health specialty are unaware and untrained in managing our business presence in the private sector

These are essential points to consider if you have a private practice:

  • How to acquire patients

  • Patient feedback and satisfaction

  • Patient turnover, return, referral

  • Competition and partnership with other medical fields

  • Upgrading skills to maintain status or even to raise value-added prices

  • Looking for better standard patients…..who will pay and pay on time

  • Marketing of your skills to promote yourself as a personal brand

If you find this message to be too harsh, hurts your feelings or I sound too much capitalistic……I have bad news for you…….you are asleep… are unaware of the real world of medicine…..without commercialization you can not access the health and medical miracles you are enjoying so nicely…..such as the science of vaccines, antibiotics, advanced surgeries…..these are all products of a good medical business model

As I was saying….

What happens when you are not able to have a financially secure and independent private practice?

Your bills increase faster than your revenue from small number of curious and patients

  • You resort to poor clinical practice

  • Bad patient behavior from frustration

  • Making deals to promote too much and sometimes wrong medicine for extra commission

  • Maybe illegal operations

  • Then quitting and joining a big brand hospital where you must work their hours instead of your own independent hours

  • Or you run away to a foreign country and …..well what happens there….thats a different story for a different blog

So what can I conclude?

Doctors in private practice must behave like a small business

They must capture and compete in a difficult market to gain as much patient trust to be sustainable

The link below directs you to an excellent article highlighting the basics of a sustainable private practice business model:

Dr. Ismail Sayeed


Founder & CEO

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Thank you for you time and I wish you good health

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