Financial Freedom for Physicians

You can earn a thousand dollars a day or a thousand dollars a month

But you will still never have enough....

The nature of man is to always want more

and more

Greed was never part of the values of being a good person......

or a good doctor

But over time the medical career is being seen as a scam

We hear stories of patients being cheated out due to expensive unnecessary health management due to commissions

And on the other hand we hear stories of doctors barely having enough money at the end of the month to pay for bus fare......or a decent honorable living

So what happend?

Where did it all go wrong

If you can earn so much why do you have so little......and desire more from unethical ways?

There is no one answer.....

There is a main answer

That is.....

Doctors do not know how to be financially independant

What do I mean by this financial freedom?

It is not just a state of is a state of existence, free from greed.....or hunger for spare cash..

Financial freedom is a personal idea where your life means more than your work because you enjoy your services to your patients

Financial freedom can mean the following things:

Job security and Personal security

The knowledge and ability to manage your income and savings to lead a whole life - not being in debt due to extravagant lifestyles

2-Controlling time

The confidence to work when you want and how you want. Not dictated by dollars per hour - but rather the value of your medical skills

And ofcourse having time to invest in personal social obligations without worry

3-Living life with clear choices

Safety in taking time to rest, to learn new skills, to write new exams, to be more than just a doctor or a therapist

4-Practicing values instead of chasing commissions

This is a powerful effect of financial freedom - this is a state of being where you are no longer a slave to money, or absense of can create a path to a life where you have a money source outside of a job. This freedom allows you to really help people without rushing to the next pocket

5-Take risks & and enjoy the rewards

A calculated financial life allows for calcualted risks - for example investing in real estate, a mutual fund, another skillset, another career path sometimes.......this is a choice made by your mind.....not your empty bank account

But all this isnt easy

Its not something to jump into without your own research

and without the help of someone who has failed at freedom before reaching this moment of peace and personal drive....

To know how you can practically take charge of your career

Work towards financial freedom

Work when you want

How you want

Without contracts or dalals

Go to to know more

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Dr. Ismail Sayeed


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