Disrupting Healthcare - A Blue Ocean Strategy

Healthcare industry around the world is on the edge of destruction

There is an illusion that the more medical colleges are opened up the more specialists can be mass produced.....and we can all have access to state-of-the-art healthcare services just by flicking our fingers.....

I'm sorry to say that it is all going in the wrong direction

Globally the number of medical professionals may be increasing.....as per graduation rates overall......however the speed of overpopulation and the massive increases in diseases is so high that quite simply there is not enough healthcare access for everyone........

There is more health technology but who can afford it?

There are new hospitals everywhere but there aren't enough doctors sitting there

Thousands of young doctors are emigrating because of not able to maintain a livable income here.......and worse many have left the career early on......

Don't be fooled by simple statistics......look around you.....people are living longer but getting sicker and sicker

You all know the tension and difficulty in finding quality care......at an affordable price...

Yet nothing is changing

From the doctor's perspective, the same cycle is going on:

  • Go to med school

  • Get 4 degrees

  • Sit in a chamber

  • Go to a major hospital

  • Sit in the chamber

  • Try to stay alive long enough to pay rent

Does it sound familiar?

This is the classic rat race of any corporation......

What have you become?

Just like any corporate employment, how will you compete

At your age?

With only 3 degrees?


Whether you like it or not....

You can disagree with me and close this video

I dont mind, nothing personal

But you need to hear this....

There will always be someone better, faster, quicker than you in every possible way....

Tell me...

How will you survive in this hyper competitive career?

Charge less money

Work longer hours?

Buy another degree?


Don't despair....

There is a way out....

I'm going to tell you about a concept or idea that changed my thinking......the rat brain thinking into a woken mind thinking......

How many of you have heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy?

This concept is a little bit complex, so I'll try to simplify into some basic notes.....

What it tries to tell you is that you should stop obsessing over surviving in a crowded chaotic industry......this is called Red Ocean Method......imagine you saw 10 people doing something......like taking this career, selling that product, making that business......so you think you should do the same........this is a suicide move.......a small fish like you will be eaten by sharks!

The Blue Ocean Strategy is about opening your mind and approach to a new undiscovered market

A new career move or concept that totally ignores early stage competition

You create the value chain

You control the standard operating models, the pricing, the quality controls

This allows you the freedom and independance undreamed of

Imagine you are progressing with purpose and design.....proactively leading the

change to a better way of creating value

You work when you want, how you want and at a price of your choosing

Healthcare industry is badly in need of a Blue Ocean Strategy

Really we can't go on like this

It's not worth it

You deserve better

  • Better career

  • Better quality

  • Better health outcomes

I just want to close with an invitation

An invitation to open your mind and do some research by yourself on Blue Ocean Strategy

It will all makes sense soon

Trust me

Dr. Ismail Sayeed


Founder & CEO

ViOS Ltd


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Thank you for you time and I wish you good health

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