A Woman's place in Modern Healthcare

There are more and more women entering and graduating from medical schools around the world.

Their contributions to medical science can only be measured by the millions of people helped by their superior empathetic skills

Traditionally women have concentrated their medical careers into nursing, dermatology and ofcourse OBGYN

But over the years more highly skilled female doctors are in lucrative careers in surgery, psychiatry and other previously male dominated fields.

But following a career is the easy part.....

Making a decent living to balance work life and home duties still remain a significant pain.

Women can outperform men at work.......but in the home they are still double burdened by child care and elderly parent care

This poses a great pressure to sometimes cut back from work to give enough effort at home

The stresses in these situations puts some women doctors at a difficult place

In some cases a woman lives alone, widowed, divorced with or without children. And society does not give the support needed. Even a happily married woman is under great social pressure to perform without question......

As a man I truly understand and have met many colleagues who are facing these struggles.....

I cannot comment on the poor treatment by society, their families or sometimes even government bodies

I cannot tell people to start a revolution or whatnot

In such cases.....

Personal independence is the only treatment for this social disease

How to get this empowerment you may ask.....

I can say that one method is to continue to pursue a worthy career and get that financial freedom to make the right choices

Work even longer hours?

Work in another hospital?

Work in dirty unsanitary condition?

Of course not

What is needed is a more efficient way to be more effective and efficient in your career development

Its not enough to chase foreign degrees

You need to build a stronger character

Utilize your inner skills at managing conflict, and providing a more personalized care to your patient.....especially female patients.

I understand these are all just fancy words coming from a guy

I get that

But to give up a career......or not pursue even higher goals is a worse crime.

Invest in your own skills development, so that you can get the rewards of greater patient satisfaction

Happy patients bring in more patients

Which lead to more income

And that leads to the financial and social freedom that many of you are looking for.

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Till next time

Have a great day and work hard ladies!

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