when was the last time you took a walk in the park, without constant agony?


Get Expert Pain Therapy Solutions, Without the Pain 

Chronic pain does not have to define you

Hassle-Free Pain-Free Virtual Consults with Priority Booking

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Is there a pain-free way to talk about your chronic pain?

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Why Should you choose the vios clinic?

elderly couple considering regenerative telemedicine consult with dr khalid for anti-aging longevity counselling online


Fastest way to get Specialised Telemedicine Appointments. Without the aches & pains.

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Certified & Verified Physical Therapist For Your Chronic Pain Managment

the vios clinic provides you personalised Reviews for PAIN THERAPY, THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

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Next Day PAIN Specialist Appointments, WITHOUT THE PAIN

Hassle-Free Telemedicine Bookings with Dedicated
Physical Rehabilitation Professionals

The VIOS Clinic is the proprietary asset of ViOS, Inc.

The VIOS Clinic is an on demand global telemedicine scheduling platform to help you immediately select your preferred provider.

All of our Healthcare Specialists are verified and certified to provide expert second opinions, lifestyle counselling and consults for pre-diagnosed chronic illnesses or patients with a recent diagnosis of a life-changing disease that may require future treatments or interventions.

The virtual consult will not involve physical manipulation of any form.

Our Telemedicine Providers will not prescribe any prescriptions, refills or requests for controlled substances in any form.

Online bookings are made by prepaid scheduling by out-of-pocket digital payments.

Further details can be found at: https://www.viosapp.com

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