Telemedicine Ophthalmology in Florida: Dr. Saad Sheikh, MD

Dr. Saad Shaikh, MD

Dr. Saad Shaikh, MD

UCF College of Medicine

Ophthalmology, Vitreoretinal Diseases & Eye Surgery


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Dr. Saad Shaikh is a board certified ophthalmologist & fellowship trained vitreoretinal specialist.

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He attended Stanford University for ophthalmology residency & then specialized in retinal surgery at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan where he trained under some of the world’s top retinal specialists.

Dr. Shaikh was one of the early practitioners of small-gauge microinvasive vitreoretinal surgery & has served for many years as an Orbis & Doctors without Borders telemedicine consultant for complex eye cases.

Dr. Shaikh has also trained numerous residents & fellows and serves as educational chair of ophthalmology at the UCF College of Medicine. Many of his trainees have gone on to become some of the country’s leading ophthalmologists.

He enjoys yoga, lifting weights, & travel in his free time.


Dr. Saad is accepting patient bookings from the state of Florida only. International patients are welcome to make a booking as well.


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How Can Dr. Saad Shaikh help you with your Eye Problems using Telemedicine?

Are you having vision problems? Did your eye doctor or ophthalmologist do an eye exam on you?

Your vision is a by far one of your most treasured possesions. Obviously you would want the best possible expert guidance if something was wrong with your eyesight.

Dr. Saad is your best option for a specific consultant-level guidance on the next best step to preserve (maybe improve) your eyesight according to the latest in modern medicine and retinal surgery.

Planning to undertake a risk eye operation? Maybe you should talj with Dr. Saad to prepare you for what the surgery will do for you.

Book a quick virtual appointment and ask as many eye-surgery related questions as you like, without any hesitation or delay.

Your vision may depend on it.