Telemedicine job description

We are now at the final development phase of a cutting-edge global digital health platform. We are excited to create an exclusive provider network of independent healthcare consultants, and bring their valuable clinical expertise to the patient population, wherever they are.


Our premium telemedicine platform will guarantee on-demand online clinical experience for patients with their health issues - with highly attractive provider rumeneration.


With value-based professional fees and fast payouts (no time wasted for meagre payouts), it's time for medical specialists like you, to gain career autonomy and financial freedom


To apply, join our private Linkedin group to view the necessary content and be exclusively invited to access the android app for Doctors.


Exclusive Linkedin Group: 



Note: This offer is valid only for medical specialists with certifications from USMLE (USA), GMC (UK), AMC (Aus), MCNZ (NZ), SMC (Singapore), MMC (Malaysia) and/or certain European medical licenses. Virtual care is applicable to specific specialities, subject to review before an application may be considered

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ViOS is an on demand video telemedicine platform that connects virtual specialist clinics to patients around the world.



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