Dr. Naoko Okada

Dr. Naoko Okada

General Surgery | Breast & Thyroid Surgery | Family medicine

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こんにちは!So nice to meet you in my Virtual Clinic! I am Dr. Naoko from Japan, I am a well-trained Breast Surgeon and Family Medicine Doctor.

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About Dr. Naoko

こんにちは!I graduated from Medical School in Kagawa University in Japan in 2000. I practiced Internal and Family medicine for the first 5 years in Tokyo.

After that, I started training in general surgery, then 3 years later, started learning in Breast and Thyroid surgery.

In order to learn technical and academic skills, I worked in several University Hospitals for 6 years and became a breast and thyroid surgery consultant in Showa General Hospitals and worked there for 3 years.

Now, I’m working as an independent specialist doctor in Breast and Thyroid disease diagnosis/treatment and also in General Internal Medicine.

I am passionate about improving patients’ lives by having a common goal with patients.

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How can Dr. Naoko assist you in a telemedicine visit?

Dr. Naoko is deeply inteested in making sure patients get all the necessary information before starting their life-long treatments, or undergoing a surgery.

Pre-operative periods can be very distressing for many people, you may wonder about what the operation will do to you, its safety, the complications and what kind of life you may have afterwards.

This is why you need to speak with someone like Dr. Naoko to mentally and spiritually prepare yourself for your health choices, after all you are in control of your choices in every step. Sometimes you just need a guiding hand.

Already had a surgery? Are you facing some health challenges like wound care, stoma care or maybe the outcome isn’t what you expected…this post-operation discussion is best done with an experinced surgeon as well, who knows exactly what should have happened and what you should do next.