7 Ways to Make More Money in Telemedicine:

Can Doctors Earn More with Telemedicine in 2021?

7 Ways to Make More Money in Telemedicine: Can Doctors Earn More with Telemedicine in 2021?


Increasing income in a competitive field (especially in healthcare) requires investment in value-based innovation in the business model and the actual high yield services to the appropriate customer.

Doctors who are truly motivated to continue a high ROI career in Telemedicine may still be able to adapt their care practices and professional skills to accommodate different methods in adding value to their virtual patient experiences.

Service-based professionals often increase their fees commensurate with changes in market demands. In the free market setting, pricing strategies reflect the added customer demands for their unique services, or as a way to keep up with rising overhead costs (especially inflation).

Healthcare professionals remain hesitant to increase their consultation fees, possibly due to inherent fear of negative pushback from the patient community, medical insurance providers or as is often the case, industry ignorance on value-based pricing guidelines.

In most medical fields, there is an industry culture to not consider financial models in healthcare services, as most doctors are employed wholly or part-time by major medical institutions, who are responsible for their remuneration.

The following 7 practical tips will help guide Doctors to integrate unique proven methods in increasing their revenue streams while still being able to provide much needed clinical services to their communities

1- Join Major Telemedicine Groups
2- Improve your Clinical Skills Coverage
3- Increase your Professional Fees
4- Start your own Telemedicine Practice
5- To be continued….

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