Recommended Best Doctors in Dhaka, made easy with our Healthcare Apps, for quick easy online doctors and hospitals appointments in Dhaka the vios values entrepreneur growth mindset business red flags physician entrepreneur author & digital health startup founder of viosapp & vios doctor app & vios patient app for online healthcare apps for doctor chamber appointments in Dhaka - Dr. Ismail Sayeed
Are you having difficulties finding the best doctors consultation in Dhaka?
Is it hard to get online doctor appointments, or even online hospitals appointments?
Don't you wish there was a way to find recommended doctors?
The ViOS team has created two unique and patented healthcare apps, to help the people of Dhaka, to choose the best doctor & the recommended health specialists for fast and easy online healthcare consultations with the right healthcare provider here in Dhaka.
VIOS HEALTHCARE APPS connect you directly with the best doctors online in Dhaka & other healthcare specialists, who are motivated & dedicated to your care. VIOS PATIENT app allows you to search online for doctor consultations in Dhaka, who have the VIOS DOCTOR app.
We ensure that the health specialist you are looking for is available for online appointments and on duty consultations at the very moment you are searching, so you do not waste time in traffic and in the waiting room for healthcare services.
Search online for the best doctor who is right for you, if available in your area you can immediately contact them for a doctors appointment at their clinic.
The VIOS DOCTOR app & VIOS PATIENT App is now available in
the Google Playstore.

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Use the VIOS PATIENT app to find the right doctor who is now in chamber, waiting to see you


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Use the VIOS DOCTOR app to log in your private chamber, so patients can find and connect with you

ViOS Pitch

Watch our video pitch deck presentation

Pitch deck video presentation demo for Startup Bangladesh sartup investment funding for digital health startups in Dhaka in support of Bangladesh ICT Ministry, under guidance by Mustafa Jabbar Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP and advisory support by Tina F. Jabeen. VIOS viosapp and our online healthcare apps vios doctor & vios patient is highlighted to support the best doctors in dhaka, the top cardilogists nephrologists oncologists dermatologists and diabetes specialists in Dhaka to promote their doctors chambers as part of a  online healthcare consultation platform using our vios healthcare network. Presented in this video pitch deck presentation by Dr. Ismail Sayeed.

ViOS is an on demand video telemedicine platform that connects virtual specialist clinics to patients around the world.



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