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This article describes the best practices to help you prepare for your telemedicine appointment using the VIOS Clinic – a global telemedicine database for specialised virtual care of complex chronic diseases. These steps will help you get a premium virtual care experience that you expect from a concierge-access platform.

To make your online booking, download this free infographic to see the appointment process at the VIOS Clinic


On a notepad, try to list out your main health concerns, how have they affected your daily life, since when, what medications are you on, what procedures have you undergone and when and any related health data.

Writing them down in front of you can help you focus the discussion so that the specialist gets all the important information for their analysis.

Gather all the relevant and latest medical records related to your condition, these may include blood tests, x ray scans, MRI reports, prescriptions, pathology reports or medical diagnosis reports by your primary provider.


Arrange their scanned copies onto the desktop or a separate folder in your computer so you can screen-share them with your chosen specialist

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Find a quiet place in your home

If your appointment is in the daytime, open up the curtains and let some natural sunlight in

During the night, it is probably better to draw your curtains for your privacy

Let others know that you have a private meeting in a few minutes, you don’t have to mention that you are having a telemedicine session, and that they should keep the noise level down

Make sure you have a strong wifi signal in your room

Find a comfortable chair to sit on

A desk lamp beside your laptop may give you some extra ambient light

Place your laptop so that there is a blank wall behind you, so that the provider does not get distracted by the background

A pen and paper may be useful to take down some useful pointers during the conversation

Make sure your laptop is charged

It might help to increase the brightness of your screen

Headphones may give you better audio clarity and privacy as well


Locate the email from Calendly that contains the details of your appointment, including the zoom link – you will receive an email reminder 12 hours and 10min before your scheduled meeting


You may join the meeting 1 min prior to allow your computer to log in

Arrange your webcam or laptop so that your head and shoulders can be seen in a suitable format


Feel free to speak in your usual tone of voice, this is a friendly and private meeting between you and your provider

Identify yourself, invite the provider to introduce themselves and you may begin your session like any walk-in clinic appointment

It helps to start from the beginning, you should begin with the most concerning symptoms that you have had, when did they start, how did your health issue affect your daily life and then what did your primary provider tell you


You can do a zoom screen share by clicking on the share button at the bottom of the screen. If it is not enabled, you may ask the provider to enable it from their side


Select share whole screen, select the folders with your medical reports and the both of you can have a real-time discussion about your case report.


This free PDF infographic will show you the process of screen-sharing your scanned reports on Zoom.


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sending files with zoom chat bu dropbox link or google drive link


Bear in mind that this appointment is set for 30 min.

Although we have provided a longer than usual time slot for you, sometimes you may lose track of time and the session may be nearing the end.

You may place a watch near you to keep track of the session duration, so that you will have ample time to fully discuss your health issues, go through the relevant health records and allow the provider to provide their feedback.



If time permits, you may ask your provider to provide a summary of their expert second opinions or you may ask for any clarification.

The provider may request you to set up a follow up appointment, this may be useful to assess the progress of your ongoing treatment, or perhaps to evaluate further options in the future.

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If you wish to set up a follow up appointment, we may remind you by emailing you a calendar link in a few weeks

How Do I Provide Customer Feedback on my Doctor Advice Online?

Feel free to send us a message in our contact page or by emailing us at [email protected]

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Ismail Sayeed CEO Medical Director ViOS, Inc.


Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Dr. Sayeed is the Medical Director of ViOS, Inc. He is a deeply committed physician entrepreneur & medical blog writer. While building the global infrastructure of the VIOS Clinic, he is dedicated to educate people on the potential of specialist telemedicine for managing chronic diseases.

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  1. Mushfiqur Rahman

    I think telemedicine is the future of medical appointment, it’s pretty amazing,I don’t have to go to the clinic, wait for appointment and other hassles. Thanks for providing all the important information that I should follow my telemedicine sessions. Many of us don’t know the correct way to communicate with our doctors over the internet, It will help us a lot.

  2. Sazid

    I love it how they have touched every aspect related to telemedicine sessions. With the current situation of the world, more people will turn to telemedicine and through such helpful and thought out blog posts it’ll be easier for people to adapt to this new way of interaction with physicians.

  3. Al Asadujjaman Arif

    This is an amazing step taken by VIOS to help the telemedicine sector. In this pandemic, telemedicine is an innovative solution for patients. VIOS Clinic will give you the best telemedicine experience. I am very excited and eager to join the VIOS telemedicine session after reading this post and I will also tell my family and friends to join here.

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  4. Farukul Islam

    Nowadays the demand for telemedicine is very high. I appreciate this blog because I get some informative advice here. Firstly, Writing down diseases problem and their effect is really valuable advice. It is very helpful. Secondly, making scan copies of patient reports is also very conducive. Thanks for this valuable advice.

    • vioswp

      Thank you for your comment and we are dedicated to provide you the high quality virtual care experience.

    • vioswp

      Thank you for your comments and support. We believe that patients deserve to get as much quality and value from their virtual care. Sometimes keeping your main issues written down can help guide your doctor to assess the situations in a clear way.

  5. Zarin

    Apart from serving it’s natural purpose, this article will help people with anxiety. Some of us gets anxious before socializing, even while ordering food or communicating online. Even though telemedicine is online, it’s helpful to people that are suffering. Not to mention, the instructions were very clear and practical. It’s like the trailer before the actual movie. Good read.

    • vioswp

      Thank you for your support Zarin. We try our best to provide quality and convenient solutions in digital health. Download this free infographic to see how easy we have made our platform, so that you or your loved one can access global experts in a medical speciality.


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