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How Do I Pay Online?

Use your online banking options with your preferred bank, you can safely make Direct ACH or International Wire transactions to complete your membership application.


Click here to download the banking information to complete your patient registration process.


The VIOS Clinic has partnered with Mercury Bank and Evolve Bank & Trust to streamline your payment experience to take away the hassles and costs of making Direct Pay scheduling for your quality healthcare needs.


ACH and Wire Transfers are the easiest (and cheapest) way to sign up for high value concierge memberships without any hidden fees and unnecessary chargebacks to your card.


Please follow the steps below to process your membership payment:

Step 1

Login to your online banking portal


Step 2

Select add new payee or make a fund transfer (depending on your bank)


Step 3

Enter the transfer details of ViOS, Inc (official proprietary owner of The VIOS Clinic)



Beneficiary Name: ViOS, Inc.

Bank name: Evolve Bank

Account number: 9800772291

Type of account: Checking

ABA Routing number: 084106768 (optional)

Reference: VIOS membership



Beneficiary Name: ViOS, Inc.

Bank name: Evolve Bank

Account number: 9800772291

Type of account: Checking

SWIFT BIC Code: FRNAUS44XXX (remove the XXX if asked for only 8-digit code)

IBAN Account Code: 084106768

Bank Address: 6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200 Memphis, TN 38119

Reference: VIOS membership 


Step 4

Enter the exact amount to be debited from your account, based on your selected membership plan. Please note that all fees are in US$ and all currency conversion fees must be borne by the membership applicant. Incomplete funds will not be accepted for application processing.

You may select standard payment processing


Step 5

Review all payment details


Step 6

Read and accept the Terms & Conditions of your Bank by ticking on the appropriate box


Step 7

Take a screenshot of the payment confirmation message, for your records. You may send this image to us at [email protected] so that we may be able to track your application.


If you have any issues regarding the online payment process, contact us with your details and we will help you fix any transaction issues.

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