How to Get A Telemedicine Physician Job That is Right for You

    Guide to Selecting the Right Job Opportunity in Telemedicine


    Guide to Selecting the Right Job Opportunity in Telemedicine


    Physician career dissatisfaction can in many cases be attributed to loss of professional autonomy and a yearning for some degree of financial freedom. With increasing debts and decreasing income sources, possible due to lower reimbursements from insurers and third party payers (due to economic pressures), many healthcare professionals are actively seeking alternative career paths.

    Telemedicine as a career choice is now perceived as a possible alternative that may ensure work-life balance, greater job freedom and a way to take back control of their professional career choices.

    Depending on their practice regulations, the company business model and the ability of the provider to leverage their highly sought after clinical expertise (in an ever shrinking doctor shortage situation), certain specialists may be able to earn a sizable income, provided the right professional branding and consultation fee structure is in their favour.

    This ebook guide will help the aspiring physician in selecting the right telemedicine platform, that can add value to their private practice and to their patient population.