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Did you see the new iMAC? 


So sleek and beautiful.


I love tech.


I heard Apple is gearing up for the Apple iCar or something. LOL.


What do you think about all those big mega-corporations jumping into healthcare?

  • Walmart Health
  • Apple Health
  • Amazon Health


What next? Tesla Health?


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for greater innovation into healthcare…..but does it have to be a big tech thing?


On top of figuring out the prescriptions and the insurance copay….now you need to buy a smartwatch AND its app?… you can feed a mysterious database about your daily heartbeat rhythms, sleeping patterns, daily intake of organic soy and whatnot….really? 


But there has to be something simpler. I don’t mind a robot or an app to help me with my weight loss, hair loss and continuous backache from slouching at my home office.


  • But who will listen to your doubts about a new vaccine or a new diabetic drug that you have to take?


  • Can someone please explain why I might damage my kidneys if I take this medication for my heart?


  • I read an article about preventive mastectomy for young women with a family history of breast cancer. I’m a guy, but just reading through it made me realise what a terrifying decision a woman needs to make in this case.


But where can people go to ask the really tough personal questions?

Siri or Alexa doesn’t know these things. Can you ask Google?

Should you?


This is why I understood the importance of the human touch. If not physically atleast the empathic guidance by a real expert, who can help you make the right choice.


Stay tuned for my next post when I tell you the story of uncertainty. 


Your Humble Narrator,

Dr. Ismail Sayeed


ViOS, Inc

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