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How can Telemedicine Help with Chronic Pain & Disability?


Chronic pain is experienced by over 100 million Americans and is considered to be one of the most common reasons for telemedicine use in clinical practice.


Telemedicine can help people with chronic pain, acute postoperative pain, and even children experiencing foot discomfort when wearing certain types of footwear.


Telemedicine has many advantages such as saving time and money for patients who don’t need to travel long distances.


It also provides superior access to medical care for patients who are wheelchair-bound or confined. totheir beds, essentially cut off from traditional face-to-face healthcare delivery systems. 


This telehealth technology lets health professionals connect with their patients in a variety of settings and allows them to monitor patient progress and health status and share information, which is especially useful with telemedicine patient records.


Another major benefit of telemedicine for chronic pain patients is the ability to provide telerehabilitation services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and home telehealth training. 


Telemedicine can help tele-assess a patient’s condition, diagnose their medical problems and give digital prescriptions for rehabilitation work.


This process takes less time than traveling to a clinic or hospital where doctors will need to conduct a more thorough examination with advanced equipment that may not be available at all locations or at specific times during a day or week. 


Telerehabilitation is especially helpful for patients who travel long from their homes because they can receive the same care services at home.



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