Healthcare UX:

Using Domain Expertise in Creating Value for HealthTech Startups

Healthcare UX: Using Domain Expertise in Creating Value for HealthTech Startups

How do you design healthcare technology for the future?
What kind of skills is needed for Impactful user experience research?

Digital technologies have spearheaded industry level narratives on expertly designed user interface and customer-centric experiences

The importance of health technology, especially in telehealth, has garnered great interest in designing patient-centred IT solutions.

Software products designed by engineers are no longer sufficient to truly solve complex healthcare issues. Many saas products have failed to effectively incentivise the right person loyalty and customer retention.

Many healthcare entrepreneurs who are passionate about digital healthcare are asking themselves, what is missing in good healthtech design?

The real question is to find out who is the authority in the healthcare market that will help structure the right solution for the real issues

In this publication, you will understand the true impact of designing your team before you design your product

To build a successful technology business in healthcare, it is essential to have the right domain expertise to guide product managers and customer success strategies towards the right path

Now is the time to start a conversation about involving and incorporating medical professionals – as key decision makers in the health tech industry

Dr Ismail Sayeed (Physician entrepreneur and health startup founder) will take you on a brief but insightful journey to understanding the power of getting the right people in your team to deliver the right value to your product

Healthcare technology will be a multibillion-dollar industry in the post pandemic economy. An industry that was once considered hard to disrupt, is now quickly maturing to adopt purpose-driven patient-centred innovation at its core

Health start-ups and other design-related businesses may reap the benefits of intuitive UX research.

UX goes beyond just healthcare app design, it is all about solving the patient’s pain and creating a convenient solution for the entire family, and community.

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