Future of Virtual Clinics:

How Specialists can create a Career in Telemedicine

FUTURE OF VIRTUAL CLINICS ebook transcript with Dr. Srikanth orthopedic surgeon from india uk


Practicing telemedicine is similar to practicing traditional medicine. Following best practices of good bedside manner are still important, as are learning how to convert your bedside manner to webside manner for telehealth visits.

Fundamentally, telehealth providers need to be comfortable with basic technology, taking video calls and interacting with patients over a mobile phone, and asking patient questions that can help diagnose without a physical examination.

Good communication skills are key to a successful career in telemedicine.

Embarking upon a career in telemedicine is a relatively easy transition to make from practicing traditional medicine. Considering the lifestyle benefits of flexibility and being your own boss, it’s no wonder more physicians than ever are jumping at the chance to work from home in telehealth.

To be successful as a Telemedicine Physician, you should be detail-oriented and able to communicate with patients effectively through various virtual communication channels. Ultimately, an exceptional Telemedicine Physician should keep abreast of the latest developments in the healthcare industry as well as demonstrate sound medical knowledge and excellent analytical skills.

Many caregivers are accustomed to our own versions of exceptional bedside manner. A handshake, a friendly introduction upon entry, asking about a hobby – all are great ways to build rapport with a patient. These skills come naturally to some of us. For others, it can take years of direct patient contact to perfect.

Because of the response to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, telehealth is an integral part of everyday practice for clinicians. The transition from bedside to “webside” manner may not be as seamless as anticipated. Making a good first impression with webside manner sets the tone for future visits with new and repeat patients.

Following best practices during the encounter can help foster trusting and lasting patient-clinician rapport. There are several preparation steps to take prior to a patient virtual encounter to help ensure a proper introduction.

This expert guide to delivering effective digital communication from your virtual clinic – will serve as key practical guidelines in providing true value based digital healthcare consultations for your existing or newly arriving patients.

Download the ebook today to learn easy practical steps that you can follow to create your own virtual clinic as a Telemedicine Specialist – and have a profitable and impactful clinical practice.

This publication was made by the collaboration of Dr. Srikanth K N who has graciously shared his unique insights and experiences in the world of telehealth.

The contents of this white paper are a summary of a live webinar hosted by Dr. Ismail Sayeed – CEO of ViOS,Inc on June 30 2020.

The opinions and content of this event and its written publication are the personal insights of the above mentioned individuals.

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Although the event had proceeded for atleast 90 minutes, there was a great deal of interest and demand for a series of such online discussions, surrounding the salient concepts in telemedicine.

Naturally not every aspect could be extracted and transcribed for this publication. Nonetheless we invite the reader to view the recorded session to fully grasp the feedback from Dr. Srikanth. The link below will take the reader to the official ViOS website to see the webinar at their leisure.

We conclude the webinar event by agreeing that telemedicine enhances patient safety – by enhancing trust and belief in having a registered network of competent healthcare professionals in a transparent platform.

“Those who adopt well, & adopt early – survive”