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Are you inquiring about a pre-diagnosed health issue or a chronic illness?

If your condition is an acute emergency, please seek healthcare services closest to you.

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Organize, scan & prepare your medical records for shared screen viewing

Your Doctor will be providing a second opinion/guidance on a current diagnosis

You will not receive any prescriptions in any form

We apologize. Due to state medical regulations, we are not permitted to process out-of-state patient bookings.

On Demand Plan US$300 (one time)

GOLD Plan US$2500 (6 months)

PLATINUM Plan US$5000 (12 months)

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What happens next?

Application Processing

We will process your membership application. You will receive the online payment details in your email.

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Pay Online

Using your online banking options, you can make a secure ACH/Wire transfer using the instructions sent to your email

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Set your Zoom meeting

After your payment is confirmed, you will receive a private scheduling link of your chosen Doctor. Select the date and time from their available timeslot.

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Check your Email

You will receive a booking confirmation from ‘Calendly’ with the details of your scheduled meeting. Just click on the zoom link at the time of your meeting.

Don’t worry, we’ll remind you ahead of time 🙂

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Not sure who to select?

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