Family Medicine & HIV Care in Oregon & Washington: Dr. Leslie Johnson, MD

Dr. Leslie Johnson, MD

Dr. Leslie Johnson, MD

Family Medicine & HIV Care

I am Board-certified in Family Medicine with an additional certification from the American Academy of HIV Medicine as an HIV specialist.
I have been practicing HIV medicine in a primary care setting since 2004. I started working with people living with HIV while living in NYC and working at the largest LGBT clinic in the country.
I attend national conferences regularly to stay current on the issues related to HIV management and I currently have over 200 patients in my practice who are living with HIV.
In addition to my experience with the treatment of HIV, I manage many patients on PREP as well as diagnose and treat all STDs.
Dr. Leslie will only accept patient bookings from residents of the state of Oregon & Washington. International patients may make an appointment as well
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Patient Testimonial

In my current practice, I have been taking care of some of my HIV patients for 15 years. At the beginning of our relationship, they were on multiple HIV medications that required twice a day dosing and had substantial side effects and toxicity.
As the medications have improved, I have often been able to simplify their HIV medications to once a day with no associated side effects.
Being able to do this for my patients has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career