Essential Guide to Understanding High Blood Pressure

Drugs, Diets & Doctor’s Advice

Essential Guide to Understanding High Blood Pressure Drugs, Diets & Doctor’s Advice


High blood pressure which can also be known as hypertension can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to having higher blood pressure levels, depending on what ethnicity you are as mentioned above and whether or not any of your immediate family also suffered from high blood pressure, due to genetic mutations which may be inherited from your parents or certain genes which run in your family. 


Most causes of hypertension are actually unknown. This is known as Essential or Primary Hypertension. This is often diagnosed after ruling out secondary causes in a patient, either through meticulous history-taking, diagnostic procedures and/or medication review.

This expertly curated ebook will teach you the core essentials of measuring high blood pressure, what it means for your long term care and the steps you can take to manage a healthy blood pressure range in the future.