There is no better time to be a digital entrepreneur than this new century as access to information via democratised technology is now widely available. No longer do people have to be defined by the teachings of an institution, and nothing else, and also work in industries that claim to be in need of such highly educated professionals. 


Even as the 4th Industrial Revolution, AI and other ultra specialised phenomena sweep the globe, human resources management has not aligned its core strategies to help give skilled individuals a chance to a decently earned livelihood. The Health sector is perhaps the worst organised and poorly optimised industry till date. 


Although rapid strides in public health activities have greatly expanded our lifespans, which is directly correlated with increased global GDP and ofcourse rising out of poverty, there is a pandemic of societal injustice to healthcare professionals.


Like me you too have successfully completed many years of rigorous military doctrine style training and have amassed a collection of degrees and other abbreviations that we can hang on the walls of our empty practices, or added to the end of our not-so-significant names. 


Many of you may have asked your seniors by now about how we can ‘growth-hack’ our careers to atleast make ends meet. 

From medical school to medical training, we are taught the minute intricacies of the human body. The complex metabolic and biochemical dynamics of pharmaceuticals. The brutal but necessary surgical interventions to ease the suffering or cure the illness. 


But what of having enough savings to buy a house? 

How can we apply for tax breaks? 

What kind of investment or retirement scheme could help us ease into future transitions of our aging lives? 

When will you afford to take a holiday without the corporate sponsorship of Big Pharma?


Physician entrepreneurship, or healthcare entrepreneurship, is an enterprise business just like any other fancy startup. There is a defined problem in a set market, with customers with high probability of being attracted to a solution with the right value proposition, a scalable distribution channel and business model that guarantees flawless revenue streams. 

And money in the bank of course.

If you are brave enough to question the status quo that is keeping you in uncertainty, read this ebook today and take control of your life. 


Take control of your career.

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