A company that is already accustomed to some form of digital-based communication and operations (as much as possible) are the ones most able to survive and thrive in these circumstances.

7 Reasons why Companies & Government should invest in

Digital Transformation

Early adoption of digital solutions to provide services, whether health related or not, allows organisations to be ready for future user demands. The large pool of data on patterns of service/product consumption, feedback and possible future behaviour (extracted from data analytics) can guide strategic decisions on what to invest in and for whom.

Digital healthcare innovation was needed decades ago, with or without a global health emergency. Other industries with complex systems have rapidly adopted digital transformation; such as logistics networks, taxation, commerce and others

- except healthcare

A government body that can still function and serve remotely and digitally is the most ideal form of democracy. An organisation with remote workers, paperless reporting, established telecommunications through all chains of command are really agile in its truest form.

I had predicted 2 years ago that digital healthcare solutions would be the dominant narrative for the emerging middle class of many developing countries in Asia.

it is time for the global industry to transform itself to the new reality.


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