Managing Chronic Illness with Telemedicine

A Patients Guide to Better Virtual Care

Chronic diseases used to affect the older generations due to degenerative processes of a stressful life, however due to the accumulation of negative health behaviours (bad diet, smoking, stress etc) such diseases are occuring in greater severity at younger ages.

Chronic disease management is very difficult, expensive and a serious burden to the population, resources, and healthcare skills development and various issues that may negatively impact a country's health system.

The ongoing pandemic crisis has exposed faults in healthcare management, even in developed nations. Due to re-allocation of resources and personnel, it seems that interest in effective disease management (not related to coronavirus infections) has severely affected the much-needed management of patients with chronic illnesses.

In this publication we will discuss the capability of telemedicine services to help patients with chronic illnesses, to better manage their treatments with patient-centered ownership and self monitoring.

In moments of crisis the true value of innovation can be seen. Healthcare innovation has been in the limelight in the past few months, more than it ever has in the past decades.


Remote digital healthcare has been created in various forms and in varying use over the past 20 years, even in developed countries like the USA and Australia.


The upcoming chapters will clearly define the benefits and opportunities created by telemedicine services to help chronic illness sufferers.



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