Dr. Fikayo Haastrup-Sode

Dr. Fikayo Haastrup-Sode



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I am a NHS-trained Doctor who specialises in Family Medicine. I am passionate about women’s health and infectious diseases.
Since the pandemic, I realised that I can do more good in the digital health space, and share my knowledge about practical ways that people can take control of their health choices.
I am always eager to reach out and help women with their private health issues, I know how difficult it is to really open up to your doctor, but with my online clinic I promise to go above and beyond to help my patients.
Dr. Fikayo is one of our most dedicated healthcare professionals, who has a great deal of passion in international telemedicine.
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How can Dr. Fikayo assist you with a Telemedicine visit?

Dr. Fikayo is a wonderful and caring healthcare practitioner who believes in forming an understanding relationship with hey patients.

She does not like to rush through complex dosuments and scripts, without having a conversation with you.

You may have wanted to discuss your diabetes or high blood pressurem issues, but Dr. Faikayo wants to really understand the subtle details in your life that is preventing you from living your best life.

Let Dr. Fikayo into your life, open up to her and see how far you two can form a better doctor-patient collaboration.


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