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Has your company been thinking about offering corporate wellness packages to employees? If so, you may be wondering if integrative medicine should be part of those offerings. Integrative medicine is a field that combines traditional and complementary treatments, and there is evidence that it can be beneficial for employees’ health. In this post, we’ll explore some of the positive impacts of integrative medicine as it relates to corporate wellness. 

Corporate wellness packages are a great way to attract and retain top performing employees, without spending resources on expensive recruitment campaigns.

What is Virtual Integrative Medicine & How will it Affect your Organization?

Integrative medicine aims to combine western medicine with eastern healing – like stress management, mindfulness and a frank discussion about nutrition. This new integrative approach can be seen as an important development for proactive healthcare because it unites not just different types of practitioners but also different types of medicine.


The integrative approach to healthcare is what integrative medicine is all about. It’s an alternative approach that aims to treat the whole person rather than just the original presenting symptom. In many cases, preventing the occurrence of expensive work-related stresses can save your organizations a great deal of your healthcare insurance budget


One integrative healthcare service that is being integrated into many different types of corporations is virtual integrative medicine, which allows the patient’s physician to connect with them via online technology. This new connection can be valuable in a number of ways, allowing physicians to monitor patients remotely and make adjustments to integrative wellness care programs accordingly.


This type of treatment may be even more effective than traditional integrative therapies because you are giving the employees more control over his or her own health care decisions, especially if they are remote workers, and virtual integrative health care can be much more affordable than integrative therapies in the doctor’s office.

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Virtual integrative health care also helps you stay competitive by doing integrative therapies on a more affordable and scalable level, no matter where you employees chose to work. And virtual integrative health care will give your employees more options to choose from when it comes to integrative medicine.


Corporate integrative medicine may be the wave of the future when it comes to integrative therapies in US healthcare, and integrative health benefits can offer your business a sustainable advantage in a sea of competitors who struggle to figure out cost-effective ways to increase the productivity of their employees


Integrative medicine has become a trend in the healthcare industry, creating many specialized opportunities to support corporations in need of cost-effective strategies, to help their employees feel taken care of in their job roles. 

Is there a Future for Integrative Medicine in the Corporate Space?

Integrative medicine is often sought out by high performing professionals who are looking for high-quality wellness options to ‘be at the top of their game’. Although integrative medicine still has a long way to go before it becomes the dominant form of healthcare in North America, many corporations have begun to integrate integrative medicine into their wellness packages.


With integrative medicine becoming increasingly mainstream, more and more companies are adding integrative health benefits to their corporate wellness packages. Including integrative medicine in an employee wellness program can add significant cost-saving opportunities to the overall healthcare plan for many businesses.


If you’re looking for a way to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees, consider adding integrative medicine to your corporate wellness program. Our functional medicine specialists can help you create a plan that meets the needs of your team, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure success. Get an exclusive corporate wellness package featuring renowned Functional Medicine specialist – Dr. Khalid Shukri, MD.


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Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Dr. Sayeed is the Medical Director of ViOS, Inc. He is a deeply committed physician entrepreneur & medical blog writer. While building the global infrastructure of the VIOS Clinic, he is dedicated to educate people on the potential of specialist telemedicine for managing chronic diseases.

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