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Fast forward almost a decade.

Years went by when I left clinical medicine.


I was into health system research, had a teaching position and even as a project consultant for an NGO…..but the problems of healthcare access still linger on.


No matter the type of health system, the two people who interact with it the most, are the ones most likely to be ignored.


The Patients and their Doctor.

The Doctor and their Patients.


If there was one thing we know about our 2020-2021 human saga, it is that we are capable of adapting when the time is right. 


Healthcare was one the many sectors that took the challenge to pivot into digital health at full speed.


And so did we at ViOS, Inc.

It is not enough to launch another telemedicine company or another digital prescription provider.


There are plenty of those all over the place.


What we need to bring you is the true value of a global network of highly skilled specialists, from anywhere in the world.


We need to show you exactly the kind of person who would be best suited for your care. At your convenient time. In a way that really brings you clarity and guidance in these changing times.


We want to help you navigate the complexity of modern medicine, by experts who have invested almost a decade of their life to know all there is to know about uncontrolled hypertension, metastatic cancers, early onset blindness, the latest in robotic knee surgery and much more.


But do you need me to tell you that? 

Or would you rather hear it from the hard working professionals who are gearing up for our launch in July?


Catch next week’s post when you get to meet some of the amazing doctors who were the first to join the VIOS Family.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Founder & Medical Director

ViOS, Inc

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